Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified?(Expert Answer)

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All diamonds worth their salt are GIA certified. The GIA certification is internationally recognized and the creators of the famous 4cs in diamond grading.

When shopping for engagement rings or any jewelry, questions of whether a certain jeweler deals with GIA-certified diamonds or not can arise.

Kay Jewelers is the number one jewelry store with over 1000 stores across America. The Ohio-based store deals with rings and fashion jewelry, but are their diamonds GIA certified?

Here, we are going to analyze everything about Kay jeweler’s diamonds and their certification and find out if they are GIA certified or not.


About Kay Jewelers Diamonds

Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified

Kay jewelers offer a wide range of diamond jewelry such as diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Signet jewelers which Kay jeweler is a subsidiary currently run 3,500 stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom making it the world’s largest diamond jewelry retailer.

Kay jewelers store was founded in 1916 by Edmund and Soul Kaufman. It started as a small furniture retail shop in Pennsylvania run by the duo’s father.

They would later change from furniture to jewelry and become the second-largest jewelry mall retailer in the United States after Zales. Other top players associated with Kay are Jared Galleria and Sterling jewelers.

In 1997, Kay adopted their famous slogan ‘Every Kiss Begins with Kay’ and it has been retained to date. Diamonds at Kay will always be a little higher than online stores.

Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified

The reason is that they are mainly mall-based, which means their overheads are much more than those of an online retailer. The main advantage of their physical stores is that customers have easy access and can physically choose their desired diamonds.

 Kay jewelers have made their mark in the diamond jewelry market due to their expansive inventory. It is hard to walk away empty-handed in a Kay jeweler’s store. It is the go-to brick and motor store for most people in search of diamond jewelry.


Are Kay Jewelers Diamonds GIA Certified?

Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified

No, they are not. Diamonds at Kay jewelers are not GIA certified. This could come off as a red flag as it becomes hard to ascertain the diamond’s quality.

Gia Certification laboratory grades diamonds according to clarity, carat, cut, and color.  Without an internationally recognized certification, it becomes hard to be certain that you are buying the quality that has been presented to you.

Many Kay diamond shoppers equip themselves with knowledge about diamond grades or tag along with a diamond expert. This should not be the case.

Diamond shoppers should be alerted about this detail as Kay does not state this to its customers. A certificate removes any doubt about quality from its customers. Some diamonds at Kay come with an independent certificate, but some do not.

Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified

A certificate is vital as it can be used to trace your lost diamond since no two diamonds look exactly alike.  Why would a reputable store like Kay fail to have certification?

Certifying diamonds, especially through reputable laboratories like GIA is costly, and that’s why retailers go the uncertified way. If you insist on shopping at Kay, ask to be shown a certification of the diamonds you are purchasing.


Diamond Grading Certificates of Kay Diamonds

Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified

All is not lost with Kay jewelers as some of their diamonds are accompanied by independent certification. Kay jewelers use the GSI laboratory for their engagement rings and diamonds.

Kay’s diamonds are mostly color-graded as opposed to clarity, something most people do not approve of. The diamonds you are likely to get at Kay’s are I-grade. The company puts more emphasis on color as it retains its value over time.

Well, some researchers have discredited the GSI lab as one that offers loose and weak grading. A diamond could be valued at G by GSI, but get H or I at GIA.

Retailers will generally sell a G higher than an H. What this means is that you might pay more for a GSI- certified diamond than you might have paid if it was GIA-certified.

We can’t blame a retailer who capitalizes on such a loophole to amass more profit; after all, it’s just business. If you are overly keen on the quality of diamonds, always look for GIA-certified types as you are assured to pay for something worth its price.


Does Kay Jewelers Sell Fake Diamonds?

Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified

Claims have been made that Kay diamonds are fake, but is this the truth? Kay jewelers sell real diamonds as they are affiliated with the oldest and most trusted diamond jeweler, Signet.

Why people would think that their diamonds are fake could be due to their lack of proper certification. However, the diamonds are authentic.

What we are limited to speaking about is the quality of these diamonds. Some jewelers sell laboratory-grown diamonds. They have a significant resemblance to real diamonds such that only expert tests can tell them apart.

Synthetic diamonds are common in many retail shops. The genuine ones will never masquerade these as natural diamonds. Kay is no exception; they sell natural diamonds.

A brand affiliated with a huge diamond jeweler like signet can never make a mistake as silly as this. Besides, a bunch of lawsuits could have been flying around by now if they pulled a stunt like this.

So, rest assured that you are purchasing real diamonds at Kay jewelers, but we shall remain mum about the quality.


Should you buy Kay Jewelers diamond jewelry?

Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified

The decision to purchase an item in a particular store boils down to personal preferences. I know people who swear by the diamonds at Kay.

In the same breath, I also know individuals who would hit you in the face by the sheer mention of the name Kay. If you are looking for a conventional store, then Kay is your go-to jeweler.

This store is easily found as it is spread across the country. However, if you want to have the reassurance of the quality of diamonds you are purchasing, you should consider the available alternatives.

If your purchase is not tied to significance, Kay jewelers will have something for you, but if you want a diamond of great value and significance, try out other retailers including the authentic online stores.

Are Kay Jewelers Diamond GIA Certified

I know people who would prefer to browse the internet while shopping at the convenience of their homes. If this is you, Kay might not be your store.

Kay jewelers have been around before all of us ever existed. This can only mean that they must be doing something right. Before you decide to dismiss Kay jewelers, think about all the positive reviews it has received on its diamonds and ask yourself why people keep going back.

It is unfair to label a successful retail company as fake without substantial evidence. We therefore cannot speak about the quality, but we do know that certification on the diamonds is not always available at Kay.

This fact can go both ways, but until you ascertain that the diamonds are either fake or low quality, keep shopping at Kay jewelers.



Kay jewelers continue to offer all diamond jewelry in all its retail stores. They have great customer service and have a 60-day return policy.

Recently, the store has introduced some certifications for a range of products. You can always request to be shown one before making your purchase.

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