Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic?(Quick Answer)

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If you are looking for hypoallergenic earrings because of skin sensitivity, you may be wondering if the Kate Spade earrings that were recently recommended to you are a good or a safe option for you.

Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic

Given the level of confusion around hypoallergenic earrings and what they are made of, this article takes you through everything you need to know about the Kate Spade earrings and if they are hypoallergenic or not.

To do this, we’ll take a look at the materials that the earrings are made of, and with the information gained, we should be able to tell you definitively if the earrings are really hypoallergenic.


What are Kate Spade earrings made of?

Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic

Kate Spade earrings are predominantly made of brass, but they are mostly gold plated with rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, as well as other metals like titanium and sterling silver.

Despite the plating, it’s important to note that Kate Spade earrings are made with materials that are free of nickel and lead, which means that the jewelry is safe for persons with sensitive ears.

The gold plated metals are often lower karat pieces made of 10k gold plating, and though dull, the top layer of gold will ensure that the earrings are safe on your skin.


Are Kate Spade earrings stainless steel?

Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic

Not all of the earrings by Kate Spade are gold or titanium plated.

To ensure that most of their customers can afford their earrings, the cheaper varieties of earrings by Kate Spade are made of stainless steel.

The earrings made of stainless steel are not just affordable but also safe on the skin thanks to the use of skin-safe and surgical-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is often the material of choice for the earring posts.  


Are Kate Spade Earrings Nickel-Free?

Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic

Today, more and more jewelry designers are more aware of the risks posed by jewelry made of nickel in that these kinds of jewelry tend to cause some of the worst allergic reactions and irritation of the skin.

With this in mind, many individuals are looking for earrings made without any nickel in them and alternative metals that are safer on the skin.

To ensure that their customers have access to the best and the safest jewelry options, the designer brand Kate Spade is one of the brands that is offering some of the best options of nickel-free and skin-safe metals.

While they offer a large variety of jewelry that is made primarily of silver or gold-plated brass, Kate Spade does not, however, offer more insights into all the other materials that are used for their jewelry.

Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic

They do, however, note that most of their jewelry options are nickel-free and safe for persons with sensitive skin.

Although brass is the most common base metal used in jewelry making, you will be happy to know that the brass used is free of nickel, and the lower karat plated pieces will often not be the safest variety. With this in mind, you will be happy to know that a good chunk of Kate Spade jewelry is free of nickel.


Are Kate Spade earrings sterling silver?

Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic

Regarding their silver and sterling silver pieces, it is unfortunate that Kate Space makes no real distinctions between the kind of silver used for the jewelry, whether sterling silver or the lower-quality sterling/ silver pieces known as coin silver.

It is safe to think that most of the silver jewelry by Kate Spade is actually silver-plated and not actually made of solid 925 sterling silver.


How can you tell if Kate Spade earrings are real?

Not sure if the jewelry you are wearing or planning to buy is real Kate Spade pieces or fakes?

This section of the article shares important insights into what you need to know about the real pieces of earrings by Kate Spade.

Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic

I. First, look at the logo and its spelling. The first thing you would notice is that the letters all have the finest details, including a straight edge. The ‘t’ lines up perfectly with the ‘n’ and the ‘a’, which also lines up with the K. The ‘K’ lines up perfectly with the ‘S.’ What this means is that you should always pay attention to the sizes and the shapes of the letters on the earrings and also the packaging.

II. Packaging– the other thing you need to look out for when it comes to the Kate Spade earrings is the packaging for the earrings. Essentially, the packaging for the fakes is made of a stiffer and pure white fabric, whose string is harder to pull. The real Kate Spade, on the other hand, is packaged in a softer material made of an off-white fabric, with a string that is softer and easier to work around/ pull.

Are Kate Spade Earrings Hypoallergenic

III. Return policy– authentic jewelry by Kate Spade will feature a 30-days return policy, but for the returns to be accepted, the jewelry should be unused, and it should be taken back with the original tags and the packaging. That said, earrings cannot be returned once worn because hygiene matters, obviously, and the only time you can return the earring is if you receive them and they are broken and or defective.

However, most of the Kate Spade jewelry will have a 1-year warranty for all the pieces. This warranty covers all the damage caused to the jewelry from manufacturing defects. But Kate Spade will only accept or effect the warranty if you provide proof of purchase.



If you are looking for the best earrings by Kate Spade, but you are not sure if the jewelry is safe for you given the high sensitivity of your ears, the information above is important, and you will be happy to know that you won’t have to worry about allergies.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!