Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional?(With Alternatives)

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Professional dressing is an important part of your career life and success, which is why you’ve probably heard one too many times that you should dress for the job you want rather than the job you have.

In other words, your style of dressing will determine your confidence and also the direction of your business.

Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional

Unfortunately, this means that there are some kinds of jewelry that may not be the most ideal for you as you look to climb up the ladder.

Today, we talk about hoops. Are they ideal in professional business settings? Should you wear your hoops to that business meeting?

And what is the ideal size of hoops that can be worn to work, for example, if you could wear the hoop earrings to work?

we also talk about why hoop earrings so attractive, please read here!  


Are hoop earrings business professional?

Though not your go-to variety of jewelry for professional settings, you could wear the smaller hoop earrings in gold or silver to a formal workplace. This is important because it’s always all about the size of the earrings.

Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional

The good news is that you could even wear the bigger earrings to work thanks to the changes in society and the fact that people are becoming increasingly accepting of changes in fashion.

If you are not sure about wearing hoop earrings to work, you could start with the smaller hoop earrings. Remember that the hoop earrings have been a fashion staple, and every woman must wear at least one pair of hoop earrings that they should wear daily.

Of course, the extra-large earrings won’t always be the ideal choice in all business settings, which is why you need to find the best professional hoop earrings that you can wear to work.

Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional

Earrings To Wear To A Business Meeting

1. Small hoop earrings

If you love your hoop earrings, you will be happy to know that you can wear your small hoop earrings to work or that business meeting.

Thanks to the small size of the earrings, they are comfortable and gracious enough for business meetings.

The beauty of the small hoop earrings is that they are not at all distractive, they are stylish, and the best part is that they will enhance your overall appearance.


2. Stud earrings

Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional

You could also opt for sterling silver stud earrings. The stud earrings offer the best way for you to express your sense of style and individuality while also maintaining a nice, professional look.

Like the small hoops, the stud earrings that you opt for shouldn’t cause distractions. Since the earrings worn to business meetings are meant to match your experience while making you look more professional, the studs are the best option for you.

Some of your best options include the diamond solitaire stud earrings, and the best part is that the diamond earrings are a great option for you, regardless of the industry you work in. not only do these earrings complement your overall look, but they will also boost your level of confidence.


3. Pearl earrings

Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional

If you are not sure about the kind of earrings to wear to a business meeting and you don’t want to wear the diamond stud earrings you’ve always had on, we would recommend wearing the best of pearl earrings.

These earrings go a long way in effortlessly showcasing not just your power but also your confidence levels and your knowledge. The right pearl earrings have always been an important part of jewelry and accessorizing, which is why they have always been worn by the most prominent people in politics and business.

The best part is that there are numerous options of what would be the best jewelry options made of pearls. The pearl can be Tahitian, freshwater, or South Sea pearls, but the important part is that these orbs would make you look both graceful and impressionable.


4. Colored gemstone earrings

Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional

 A little color never really hurt anybody, but you may want to keep off the more dramatic gemstones, especially during presentations and business negotiations.

You could opt for the gemstones in hue colors such as morganite, opals, rose quartz, or aquamarine.

These are some of the most beautiful jewelry options, and you can wear them to business meetings effortlessly, whether wearing sheath dresses or even solid-hued dresses and pantsuits.


5. Huggies

Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional

You could also wear huggies for a more formal business look. The huggies work perfectly with tailored suits and formal shirts.

The huggies are smaller versions of hoop earrings, and these fit more closely around your ear lobes since they hug the ears closely.

Though small, the huggies are smaller and much prettier, and they easily add on that much-needed layer of sophistication and a more professional look.


6. Small dangle earrings

Are Hoop Earrings Business Professional

This is the other option you could try on if you are looking for the best professional option for accessorizing.

There are numerous dangle earring options that you could choose from, as long as you keep the size of the dangle earrings small. Just make sure that the dangle earrings aren’t loud or causing any distractions.

Finally, if you don’t mind more expressive jewelry options that show off your style and personality, then you would wear floral stud earrings, longer and more colorful dangle earrings, or even bigger hoops – as long as they are not distracting.

And especially if you work in a creative environment where your personality must shine.These options will also work for you if you are accessorizing for a zoom meeting.



There might be some line drawn regarding the kind of jewelry and accessories you could have on for business meetings and professional settings.

The options above are some of the best for you. But also, think of the design of the earrings and how they make you feel.

As long as the earrings don’t cause distractions and you feel confident in them, you could keep them on during that business meeting – hoops too.

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