Are Hoop Earrings Bad for Your Ears?(with Heavy Earrings Hack)

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Hoop earrings are being worn the world over, and there are no signs that it will ever go out of style.

Women and men who wear them exude power and confidence; it is a quick way to transform an outfit from classy to downright sexy. The circle is a significant symbol in the world, bringing with it several connotations, including wholeness and infinity.

However, even with these magnificent depictions of the hoop earrings, there is a fear that lingers among people. Are hoop earrings bad for your ears? The concern is not unfounded, and we are here to answer that very question.

Are Hoop Earrings Bad for Your Ears


Are hoop earrings bad for your ears?

Loop earrings are a fantastic fashion statement, but there are concerns about the safety of the same.

There have been instances where hoop earrings have proven to be bad for your ears, but that is only in extreme cases. If you’re going about your day, looking cute and fashionable, then hoop earrings are perfectly okay.

The only time wearing hoop earrings is not ideal is during accidents or acts of physical violence.

Movies and other television shows have shown women about to get into a fight to remove their hoop earrings. That is because there is a likelihood that they can get tagged on, and it would rip their earlobes.


The same thing can happen in an accident or even if your hoop earring accidentally gets caught in something and pulls on it.

Therefore, if you’re not in any of these situations, hoop earrings are not bad for your ears.

Are Hoop Earrings Bad for Your Ears


Can heavy earrings rip your ears?

Light hoop earrings are what you typically find in the market.

Even if they get caught on something, it is unlikely that they have the power to rip off the earlobe.

They might cause some injury, and the earring back might break but nothing more. The same cannot be said about heavy earrings.

Most of them tend to be statement pieces made from expensive metal and even gems. While they do speak class, they aren’t all perfect.

Heavy earrings already do tag on the hole and the lobe, and when worn for a long time, they make the ear sore, and they also start hurting.

Their very nature is problematic to the ear, but it is worse when it gets caught in something, or someone pulls on it.

If you’re unsure of the situation in which you will be in, you should stay away from heavy earrings. Also, if they are on and you’re unsure, it is best to take them off.

Are Hoop Earrings Bad for Your Ears

How many grams are too heavy for earrings?

Several factors come into play when trying to determine what makes an earring too heavy. The first has a lot to do with your pain tolerance.

Some people will wear large statement pieces either day or night and still not feel the pain. Someone else might do the same and not be able to last more than 20 minutes.

Before you shelf the idea of getting heavy earrings, consider what your general pain tolerance is.

That said, on every average, heavy earrings weigh between 25-28 grams. While that might sound heavy, your ability to wear it for long periods is not based on weight. It is based on the construction itself.

If you’re looking to purchase such earrings, there is something to look at. For example, you want to get an earring that has a thicker post. It bears the weight of the rest of the hoop easily and also helps with weight distribution on your earlobe.

The other factor to consider is how much of the piece is in contact with the skin. The more of it touching your skin, that is, the ear, the more bearable it is in terms of weight.

You also don’t want to wear heavy earrings that are long because of gravity; it will pull down on the ear and make you uncomfortable. You then want to be mindful of some of these factors when you’re going for heavier pieces.

Are Hoop Earrings Bad for Your Ears


How to wear heavy hoop earrings(Heavy Earring Hack)

Before you say goodbye to your heavy hoop earrings, remember that it’s all about how you wear them.

If they were a fashion faux, they wouldn’t be trending at all.

So, let’s look at some of the tips for wearing heavy earrings.


Earlobe support techniques

As mentioned, the issues with some earrings is not merely the weight, but how it’s been distributed.

Some tend to apply too much pressure on one part of the lobe, leading to sagging.

Here, we are going to look at four tips that support the earring’s weight.


Support patches

To fix that, you can wear earlobe support patches.

These are patches tailored for those who have torn or stretched ears.

Placing one of them behind the ear provides support and strengthens the ear.


Surgical tape

Don’t have support patches? Take a small piece of surgical tape and roll it so that all sides are stick.

Tape the back of your ear, ensuring it’s not visible.

After, put in your earring piercing through the tape. That way, the tap itself supports most of the weight of the jewelry.

Are Hoop Earrings Bad for Your Ears

Clip-on converters

These work better than the heavy posts that come with heavy earring hoops.

The clip-on converters are equally just as good when it comes to weight distribution.

You can place them on your earring post and then wear it- it will still look trendy.


Thread and bobby pin

If you’re wearing your hair down you can try this next trick. Create a loop with a tread near the base of the earring post.

Make sure it’s inconspicuous by using a thread matching the earring. After, take a bobby pin and take it through the hoop, and pin it to your hair.

The bobby pin will thus support the weight of the earring, and not your earlobe.



Wearing hoop earrings, even the heavy ones, are not bad for your ears, but only if you use the appropriate tricks to promote earlobe health.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!