Are Herringbone Chains In Style in Today’s Fashion World?

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One of the classic chain styles that is trendy and fashionable today is the herringbone chain, so if you are wondering if the herringbone chain is still in style today, the answer is yes.

The best part about this chain style that has been around for a while now is that it’s a timeless chain style that you can wear on its own or even stack against other chains, and it will look perfect (and expensive) regardless of its price.

In this article, we’ll share more about the herringbone chain and why it might be the best chain style for you.


What do the herringbone chains look like?

The herringbone chain is the necklace type that is made of thin and flat metal segments. The segments for these chains are not, however, straight but bent right in the middle to form the herringbone pattern.

Are Herringbone Chains In Style

The links for the chain form the geometric tessellation pattern since they are all held in place tightly, leaving you with a piece of jewelry boasting an inimitable level of craftsmanship.

Essentially, the herringbone chain is made of flat, rectangular metal links that sit parallel to each other on a base material that boasts a flexible design.

These links are then pieced together very tightly at a slightly slanted angle, then they are skilfully woven, creating a braided and flattened-looking chain. As long as there are more than two rows of the metal links that connect, forming a chain, the slant will be in the alternate direction.

Note that because of the tight weaving of the links, the chain will have a textured feel, which, in addition to the simplistic design of the chain, gives the herringbone chain its overall feel of understated elegance.

Are Herringbone Chains In Style

It’s also worth noting that the herringbone chain gets its name from the fact that the sophisticated and splendid tapestry seen in the woven links has this unmistakable resemblance to the herring fish’s spine bone.

The herringbone style is also believed to have been adapted from the very intricate patterns on different woven fabrics that resemble the herringbone tweed pattern common with twilled fabrics. Also, the unique selling point of the herringbone chain is the perfect flat design that makes it very versatile.

The herringbone chain is also very smooth, and it molds perfectly to your body’s contours, nestling easily against the skin while remaining on the neck without ever rolling over or bending.

In other words, if you are looking for a simple chain that will not cause you grief by being all over, the herringbone chain would be your perfect answer.


How are herringbone chains made?

Are Herringbone Chains In Style

As mentioned above, the herringbone chain is made of rectangular and flat metal links which sit parallel to each other on a very flexible, high-quality base material.

The links are then pieced together very tightly but at a slightly slanting angle, then the links are woven skilfully, creating the braided and flattened looking point.

In some cases, there are more than two links that connect to each other, forming the chain, with the pieces slanting alternatively in the opposite directions. The herringbone chain links are very tightly woven, creating more of a textured feel and an overall textured feel.

The creation of this chain starts with the braiding of the double rope chains, which are then manipulated then cubed, taking out the braided twist and hammering it flat.


Are herringbone chains in style?

Are Herringbone Chains In Style

Yes, the herringbone chain is very stylish and trendy, and it remains in style even today. So, if you are looking for a different kind of jewelry style to add to your collection, then the sophistication of the herringbone chain might be a great option for you.

The design is simple but also attention-grabbing. And thanks to its versatility, you can wear the herringbone chain as a single piece or have it stacked with others.

But whatever the style that you choose to go with, you will be happy to know that the chain will always look expensive. Also, you could opt for the thin or the thicker chains, and you will always look great.

It’s worth noting that the gold herringbone chain boasts a simple and very beautiful jewelry piece with a timeless allure, which is why it is in style and also one of the best pieces of jewelry you could invest in if you are looking for something stylish and fun.

The herringbone chains are designed in a way that allows them to transcend through different styles through the ages, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the chain is out of style.


Pros and cons of herringbone chains

Are Herringbone Chains In Style


  • Stylish and elegant
  • The flat design of the chain allows the chain to lie flat on the chest, and it looks elegant.
  • The larger flat surface of the herringbone chain means a larger reflective surface and just the right amount of sparkle.
  • Different designs for the herringbone chains
  • Casual and sophisticated
  • Available in different styles, and there is a version available for just about everyone.


  • Unfortunately, the chain tends to kink rather easily because the segments are thin and flat.
  • The chain is delicate, and there will be bending if you pull on it a little harder.


Are herringbone chains durable? How long does it last?

Are Herringbone Chains In Style

The Herringbone chains are durable, and you will be happy to know that they are made of high-quality metal whose links are all put together, creating the herringbone pattern.

The chains also boast a high strength level which makes them rather challenging, and they will not break easily, even with a lot of effort. So, if you are searching for an accessory that boasts a high tensile strength, then this chain would be the ideal option for you.

Regarding how long the chain will last, there is no specific timeline on this because how long the chain lasts, eventually, depends on how well you care for it and if you wear it gently or not.

Are Herringbone Chains In Style

Should you buy herringbone chains?

If you are looking for an elegant, timeless piece of jewelry, the herringbone chain would be the best kind of jewelry for you to get.

It is stylish, elegant, versatile, simple, and has a nice ooze of sophistication. Just make sure you buy a herringbone chain made of high-quality and durable materials.



The herringbone chain is a chain style that has been around for a really long time, and it’s quite elegant, stylish, and timeless, meaning you wouldn’t go wrong with this chain style, even in this day and change.

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