Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style 2024? – Quick Answer By Expert

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Should you wear a halo engagement ring or not?

And if you find this style of engagement ring appealing even in the slightest, should you abandon it for a different engagement ring style just because it may not be as trendy or fashionable in 2024? Also, what makes this engagement ring style stand out?

We’ll give you answers to these and all other questions you may be having about halo engagement rings here. So, keep reading.


Are halo rings going out of style?

Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style

One of the popular engagement ring styles of 2024 is the halo ring style, and this is the case because it seems that this is the year when jewelry pieces are preferred when they are bigger in size.

So, if you like the halo engagement ring style and you’d like to rock this ring style today, you will be happy to know that the halo ring style is still in style. We don’t think the ring style will go out of style soon.

Statistics on 2024 engagement ring styles show that many engaged couples now prefer grand and over-the-top engagement ring styles.

Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style


So, larger diamonds, bold shapes, and – you heard it, halo cuts, are the rage today. According to Griffin, there has been a 127% increase in purchases of the halo-cut engagement ring styles.

The oval-cut engagement rings are also quite popular in 2024, and the two-stone varieties are the most popular ones.


Are double halo engagement rings tacky?

Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style

Halo engagement rings are not tacky at all, whether with a single or a double halo design.

If anything, the halo engagement rings are quite eye-catching and lavish, and though some people may not be crazy about the halo engagement rings, we wouldn’t say that these engagement rings are tacky.

Note that at the end of the day, tacky is a negative connotation, and anyone looking at the halo engagement ring will agree with us that there is nothing tacky about halo engagement ring styles.

It’s also worth noting that the halo ring style is essentially a classic style that has been around for about a century, meaning that it is an iconic engagement ring style that you’d love.

Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style

The double halo engagement ring is also much more iconic and not tacky at all. If you love the halo engagement ring style but want a ring that boasts a much bolder style or look, the double halo would be ideal for you.

Note that the double halo ring features one big center stone surrounded by two rows featuring many small accent stones that circle the center stone beautifully, hence an illusion of a much bigger diamond.

For bling lovers, an additional row of bling means more bling and more sparkle.


Are halo engagement rings still popular in 2024?

Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style

Yes, the halo engagement rings remain pretty popular today thanks to the bolder shapes and the large diamond. The classic halo cut enhances its elegance as well.

In addition to remaining in style because of its classic style, the halo engagement ring is also still popular in 2024 because it’s made in different styles and shapes.

Halo diamond rings are designed in different cuts, including oval halo rings, round brilliant halo diamond rings, princess-cut, cushion-cut, and radiant-cut halo diamond rings. There also are hidden halo and double halo engagement rings.


Pros and cons of wearing halo engagement rings

Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style


  • The halo ring style makes the center stone look and feels much bigger than it is, and thanks to the illusion it creates, the ring may look like it has an additional carat.
  • By creating the illusion of a much bigger center stone, the halo engagement ring is much cheaper than a ring made of a 1-carat diamond.
  • The halo style rings are quite glamorous, thanks to the fact that the halos are designed in pave or in a micropavé style, a technique that allows for placement of tiny, round, brilliant-cut diamonds so that they look paved.
  • Halo engagement rings are beautiful and modern. They also boast a combination of modern and contemporary styles thanks to the highly innovative precision technologies employed in creating halo engagement rings.
  • Halo engagement rings come in various shapes for the center stone, meaning there is something for everyone. You can choose round/brilliant-cut diamond rings, oval, princess-cut, radiant-cut, and even cushion-cut halo engagement rings.


  • They are trendy but may lose the trendy flair after a very short time.
  • This engagement ring style isn’t for everyone


Tips for wearing halo engagement rings

Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style

I. Choose the center stone cut that complements your fingers. Although the halo style engagement rings come in different styles, some types of halo engagement rings will work for you, but others won’t look as complementing or elegant.

II. Only buy the halo engagement ring if you are going for an engagement ring that boasts a large bold style because the halo ring is quite bold. Halo engagement rings boast the biggest sparkle and brilliance.

III. Store the ring safely whenever you are not wearing it. This ring can be a little bulky, which also means that it may get knocked around a bit. So, take it off when you need to do something that requires you to go hard on the tasks at home.

Are Halo Engagement Rings In Style

IV. The ring is durable, and the halo protects the center stone from wear and tear, but you shouldn’t be careless with the ring.

V. Wear the ring by itself. Though you may be tempted to stack on the ring and wear more than one ring at a time, the extra ring will steal the gleam from the halo ring, and this ring is a stunner that is designed to stand out on its own. And if you must stack the rings, you should match the metals and pair them with a thinner, simpler ring.



If you are looking for a trendy/ stylish engagement ring, halo engagement ring styles would be perfect.

These rings are stunning, affordable, and versatile.

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