Are Gold Watches Too Flashy for Daily Outfit?(Quick Answer)

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What some people find to be flashy might be just perfectly toned down for you, but then again, if most people are holding a certain opinion, you may find yourself questioning your beliefs and your sense of style.

So, in this article, we’ll look at gold watches, their overall appeal, and whether the gold watches are too flashy or not.


Are all gold watches tacky?

The truth is that the genuine gold watches are not, in any way, tacky, and they are, in fact, the rage in the fashion world today. The demand for gold watches is always at an all high, and with a great variety of gold watches in terms of karatage and the colors of gold, it makes sense that the demand for gold watches is at an all-time high.

are gold watches too flashy

The best part is that the gold watches work for pretty much all skin tones/ completions, they are stylish, and you can never go wrong with a gold watch. With these in mind, the gold watch is not, in any way, tacky or too flashy.

In fact, the gold watches make the best possible investment you could make, and if you are interested in getting an item of jewelry that would be worth your money in the long term, find yourself a good quality gold watch, specifically the watch that is made of genuine solid gold.

And with a good variety of elegant gold watches that you could invest in, like the Rolex, Omega, or Cartier, you will always have a safe investment option allowing you to make the most out of your money.

Note that the fact that some of the premium quality and high-end luxury watches are designed with solid gold elements should point to the fact that these watches are nothing but tacky.


Are fake gold watches tacky?

are gold watches too flashy

A genuine gold watch is elegant, classy, and the best investment you could make, but a fake gold watch is none of these.

For starters, the gold plating may look too bright, and that would make the watch look more fake and cheap, and on the other hand, the plating will flake over time, leaving you with a patchy-looking watch, which would be a terrible and a deeply embarrassing thing for you.

So, if you love gold watches but can’t afford a genuine one yet, you may want to keep saving up to buy a genuine gold piece later.


Are gold watches too flashy?

are gold watches too flashy

A good-quality gold watch is not too flashy but elegant and stylish. A Rolex, for example, is an elegant, high-quality timepiece that allows you to look elegant without trying too hard.

A good watch is one that looks and feels great, and though such watches are expensive, someone who has invested a good chunk of money on that great watch will not waste their time trying to show off the watch. In other words, as long as the watch is a genuine piece, it will not feel too flashy at all.

That said, if you feel that the watch may come off as showy at an important business meeting, for example, then you really shouldn’t wear it then. However, this doesn’t mean that the decision to buy a gold watch was a poor one.


Pro and cons of wearing a flashy gold watch

are gold watches too flashy


  • A solid gold watch is a good investment – as long as it’s made of solid gold, the watch will hold its value, and if the market conditions are right, it might appreciate in value. Antique or limited edition pieces would definitely fetch more money on the market after some years.
  • A good gold timepiece is an excellent conversation starter, and it will get you in rooms you would never have stepped in. Such quality pieces scream success, and because successful people always want to be associated with other successful people, the watch could be a life-changer.
  • Gold watches are elegant, stylish, and you can easily dress them up or down with ease.
  • Gold watches are tastefully made for formal occasions, parties, weddings, etc.
  • The beauty and history of precious metals, especially for vintage and pre-owned watch models, can be a great steal.


  • Good, genuine solid gold watches are not flashy
  • Unfortunately, a good quality gold watch may result in a negative perception, especially if your employer pays poorly, if you are a low-level employee, or if you’re in debt.


How to wear your gold watch if it is too flashy?

are gold watches too flashy

First off, it’s worth noting that the gold watches are here to stay, and a good gold watch will always be a classic. The watches are simple and elegant, especially if only the face is made of gold and is accentuated by a black or brown leather strap.

Such watches can be worn anywhere, anytime, all the time. But this is not always the case, and there are times when your gold watch is just a little too bright for that meeting, for instance.

In such scenarios, it is ideal for you to look for ways to tone it down easily.


  1. Wear the gold watch at the ring time/ place. Generally, a tastefully designed watch is one that allows you to wear it easily on various occasions. In most cases, a gold watch is ideal for parties, weddings, and formal events, but not where there is some level of physical activity involved – sweat is not good for your gold watch, and you shouldn’t wear it if you are sweaty
  2. Don’t wear the gold watch to events that are too casual
  3. A good gold watch always says that you have a sophisticated taste, as long as you get a watch made of distinctive metals. Generally, such watches can be worn on special occasions or to celebrate a big milestone like retirement.
  4. Avoid gold watches that are too big. It may look nice to you, but it really is tacky, especially if it’s a gold-plated piece.
  5. Always opt for the smaller timepieces because these look more elegant



A good quality gold watch that is the right size – not too big is elegant, stylish, and shows that the wearer is sophisticated. The only time a gold watch looks and feels tacky is when it’s made of gold plating rather than solid gold and if it’s too big for your wrist.

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