Are Gold Chains Worth It?(Detailed Explained in 2024)

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One of the most precious and most sought-after investments in the jewelry world is gold. Gold radiates a heightened level of luxury and class. It signifies financial stability, and it raises one’s social status.

Generally, when trying to purchase or sell gold items, you may have to deal with inflation and unpredictable rises and falls in the jewelry industry. With so much at stake, you should always evaluate the worth of any jewelry items before purchase.

That said, you find yourself inclined to wearing gold chains and may be wondering whether they are a worthy investment. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about gold. Also, we will focus on a few tips that you can consider when purchasing gold chains.


Are Solid Gold Chains Worth it?

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 As the name says, solid gold chains are made of pure gold. They are indeed the best kind of jewelry.

Not only are they hypoallergenic for most people, but their value seems to go higher and higher, which means that it is an absolute value for the buck, and you can always resell them.

Even when damaged or old, rest assured that you will get money back for the exact value of gold itself, no matter the circumstance.

Solid gold chains are often stamped 14k or 585, 10k or 417, and 18k or 750. If you come across any jewelry item stamped ’18k 925′, the item is made of both silver and 18k solid gold.

Besides that, these gold chains will last you a lifetime and can always be recycled or re-melted into gold bars, sheets, or wires and re-used once again.


Pros and Cons of Solid Gold Chains

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 Generally, solid gold is the most superior metal because of its extreme durability levels and overall purity levels.



  • Solid gold chains will always be valuable whether there are any inflations in the market or not.
  • They last longer and require less maintenance. That means that these gold chains are relatively sustainable and a great addition to your jewelry collection.
  • Solid gold chains do not contain Nickel. For this reason, they are great for anyone with nickel allergies as they would not cause any skin irritation or infections.


  • Solid gold chains are more expensive than filled or plated metals.


Are Gold Plated Chains Worth it?

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 Gold Plated Chains feature a thin layer of gold electrically laminated onto a base metal such as brass, copper, or Sterling Silver.

If sterling silver is plated in gold, we can identify it as Vermeil. Generally, gold plated chains are the cheapest and the lowest quality of all the three metal types.

They may not be the best investment as they have an average lifespan of up to a year. Also, they require a lot of maintenance alongside minimal exposure to water/moisture.

Unfortunately, the plating is often too thin. For this reason, it wears off too fast. If you come across a better jewelry brand, you may notice that it has a hard-wearing plating, which may serve you slightly longer.

However, once the gold layer begins to wear off, you will start seeing either a different color or metal underneath.

When the plating wears off, it may leave a tint on your skin, and sometimes you may end up having a severe reaction. Also, this type of chain does not have a quality mark, thus a risky investment.


Pros and Cons of Gold Plated Chains

Gold plated chains contain the littlest amount of gold. In as much so, they may be a great addition to your jewelry collection.


  • Gold plated chains are a more affordable alternative compared to chains made from solid gold.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing and ideal ornaments for fashion. 


  • The gold plating may rub off quickly and leave dull pieces of metal.
  • Most base metals in gold plated chains may leave a green tint on your skin or cause allergic reactions.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance. When you expose your gold plated chain to small amounts of sweat, moisture, and lotions, they degrade rapidly.
  • They require regular re-plating.



Tips for buying Gold Chains

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 There is so much that you would need to consider before purchasing your favorite gold chains. You would need to;


1.Know the purity levels of your gold

Generally, the value of gold is directly proportionate to its purity levels. The purer the gold chain, the higher its value.

This comes in handy when you want to sell your gold chain. All in all, it is crucial to understand the reasons why you want to purchase a golden chain.

That way, you can pick out the purity levels that suit your needs best.


2.Know your alloys and colors

The majority of the time, this depends on your individual preferences. Yellow gold is the most popular color and is the original color of pure gold. However, you should note that not all yellow gold chains are actual gold. Sometimes, they may be plated to keep the yellow gold appearance.

White gold may be another option for you. It looks like a brighter version of silver and is often two-toned. It contains white metals such as palladium or manganese that are stronger than gold. Rose gold is another with a pink hue. The pink color is due to copper.

Green gold is perhaps another type that you may want to consider. It is the rarest variety made of gold and silver. It has a bright green-yellow hue and compliments emerald stones.

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3.Buying your gold jewelry wisely

Ensure that you are purchasing your gold chain from a reputable jeweler to avoid any incompetency and troubles in the long run.

At the same time, you may want to evaluate your skin allergies to steer clear of any reactions in the long run.

Understanding your skin allergies prevents you from settling for gold plated chains when you are better off incurring more costs for solid gold or gold-filled chain.



When trying to find the best jewelry items for your collection, always remember that gold chains are more than just a fashion statement or any ordinary ornament.

Gold chains are as good as money and may land you a fortune.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!