Are Gold Chains Tacky? or Attractive?(Pros & Cons Explained in 2024)

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Are gold chains tacky? Are gold chains attractive? If you want to know the answer, you come to the right place.

There are only a few pieces of jewelry modern men can wear. One of them is a gold chain, and even so, it can be a hit or miss. Gold is the color of confidence, but on a chain it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll look classy.

If anything, there is a significant chunk of people that believe gold chains are tacky. Here, we are going to explore where these beliefs come from, and also give you tips on how to escape the label.


Are gold chains tacky?

Forums like Rolex did a poll to determine if people thought gold chains are tacky. More than 50 percent of people said, “yes, they are!” Fewer people thought they look good, but there were quite a few on the fence about it.

For this demographic, the “it depends” is what carried the most weight. However, why would one consider gold chains to be tacky?

A majority do feel that gold chains are best left for rappers. Gold chains became a thing in the Rap and Hip Hop world in the late 70s. Since then, this particular piece of jewelry has become synonymous with this genre of music.

Since that’s a prevailing perception, many opt not to wear a gold chain because they don’t want to be labeled. What’s more, gold chains typically show a display of wealth, and some find such flashiness extreme and unwelcomed. Those wearing more than one are thought to be downright showing off.

Thick chains are also frowned upon and thrown into the tacky category.

The perception is that it indicates you’re an attention seeker or simply trying too hard. Such chains make more sense in a music video, when going to a party or as something to complete a costume.

Anything outside these contexts, especially when worn daily, makes the person look downright tacky. It attracts the wrong kind of attention, thanks to the depiction of drug pins, the mafia, and rappers owning massive chains.

Overall, gold chains are somewhat dated and something better left to younger men to wear. That said, these kinds of sentiments are felt strongly for larger chains. Thinner ones get judged less harshly, as we’ll find out in the next part.


Are gold chains attractive?

A gold chain can be either tacky or attractive based on a few things.

The first one, as we’ve already stated, is how large or heavy the necklace is.

If you’re wearing a chain that weighs a couple of pounds or is super thick, then you do look tacky. However, if it is thin, then the chain, and yourself included, are considered attractive.

How you wear, it does equally dictate if the gold chain will look attractive. How men piece together outfits varies.

For some, a gold chain is best worn with a shirt and have the first few buttons undone, while for another, a sweatshirt combo looks better.

The pants matter too; the pants or jeans ought to be a good fit. Baggy ones send the wrong message.

Grooming, also, does play a part in how attractive a man looks with a gold chain on. A disheveled man wearing one will not get the right kind of attention.


What does it mean when someone wears a gold chain?

Gold is a sign of prestige in every culture on the planet. That’s why people typically wear them to show social status.

It’s an indicator that you do have the money to purchase the item, letting others know that you’re in a particular tax bracket.

Even so, it symbolizes that you do love the beautiful things in life, and don’t mind splurging here and there.

The fantastic thing about gold is it last a lifetime. When well taken care of, gold don’t lose its shimmer. When seen from an investment perspective, then you’re doing well to purchase a gold chain.

In astrology, wearing a gold chain is something you wear for good luck. It is thought that it helps the person wearing it overcome problems as it gives them confidence. Others feel a gold chain gives the person wearing it a warn demeanor and thus appear more trustworthy.


The pros & cons of buying a gold chain

Let’s look at the great things and the not so likable things about buying a gold chain.


  • A gold chain quickly elevates an otherwise ordinary outfit
  • When you get the right necklace, you’ll always get compliments for it
  • Gold never goes out of style
  • You’ll be making an investment


  • It attracts a lot of attention, so you’re likely to get robbed
  • There’s a high chance of getting conned and getting a fake gold chain
  • They are quite expensive


Should I buy a gold chain? Tips for buying a gold Chain

The recommended type of gold chain to get is a 24k gold chain. They are expensive and high-maintenance, but they are well worth it when you wish to make a statement.

18k gold chains are just as good, and they too would look great. If you still want a gold chain, but what you’re getting is above your budget, then you do have other options.

You can go for a lower karat gold chain, too, since higher karat gold is more prone to scratches. Do keep in mind though that lower karat gold tends to contain nickel, and that can cause an allergic reaction.

You can opt for a gold-plated chain, which is cheaper. The only issue is such jewelry does tend to wear off after a while, so you might need to wear it sparingly.

There’s also the alternative of getting it plated a second time when the base metal becomes visible, but that will cost you money.

Some do wear hollow chains as they are much lighter than solid gold, which is better if you’re wearing a large chain. It’s worth noting though that hollow chains tend to break or bend, so you’ll need to be careful with them.

We’ve mentioned that if you want to look classy, then its better to get a thinner chain. There are a couple of types that you can get.

There’s the twisted curb chain, box chain, Cuban link, foxtail, twisted chain, and the most popular one, the rope chain. Take some time to look at the types of chains that are available and get something that you like. The great thing is that there are quite a few options.

Perhaps the most important tip is making sure that you purchase your gold chain from a reputable store.

The sad reality is that a lot of gold chains in the market are fake. Sellers will tout that it’s the real thing, going above and beyond to convince you that’s the case.

You want to purchase solid gold from a high-end brand as anything else will mean that it’s fake. You don’t want to take your chances.

There are those of the opinion that the best place to get old pieces is India because they are mostly legit.



Gold chains can be tacky, but some meet the exception.

If you’re unsure about a gold chain, run it by your peers or people with trusted taste. They are better placed to settle the debate of whether or not you look tacky or classy.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!