Are Earrings on Guys Attractive?(in Both Girls&Guys’ Eyes)

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Are Earrings on Guys Attractive? You may ask. A guy’s attractiveness could be based on a lot of things.

Even tiny things such as earrings will get a man flirtatious looks from the opposite gender. While the jury is still out on whether all guys who wear earrings are handsome or not, we can certainly confirm that it has a great effect on your partner’s perception of you.

Read on to find out how.


Are Earrings on Guys Attractive?

Views on the attraction scales a very varied and extreme when it comes to men’s wear of the earring.

There is debate as to whether one or two earrings is more preferred and there seems to be some unwritten rules about what is acceptable.

On one hand, women love a single-earring guy and it could be anything between a stud, dangly piece or a tunnel. These women believe that one earring is right and it doesn’t matter which ear you wear it on.

On the other hand, some women find that wearing one earring is baseless and think it’s better for a man to wear an earring on both ear lobes. They do, however, point that dangly and big rock earrings are a no-no. they much prefer silver or black tiny studs for an everyday look.

Some women consider it a big pointer of a good balance between masculinity and sensitivity while others consider it a sign of weakness.

These views are largely subject to a person’s culture, upbringing and perception of life.

Are guys with pierced ears-hot or not?

There is no consensus on this either. Both guys and girls have varied opinions based on their individual experiences and preferences.

Some girls think that guys look absolutely hot when spotting an earring or two and they fin themselves swooning over the tiny piece of jewelry.

It’s not all about the piercing though, it is more about the significance behind doing it. Girls and interested boys alike, will probably spend days-on-end trying to decode their significant other’s reasons behind such bold expressions.

This is great news for all those single guys who wish to make a loud statement. A number of girls and boys will find you irresistibly hot if you wear earrings.

There are girlfriends and boyfriends who love how hot the guys with pierced ears look that they invest time, money and effort into convincing their mate to buy into the idea or in buying more earrings that they think would look cute on them.

However, there is a large group who have no opinion on this rating and will barely take notice of an earring, if it is small enough and almost invisible.

There are also people on the extreme end who find it gross and very emasculating for a guy to wear an earring. These people are either religiously upright, conservative, homophobic or simply put off in this regard.


What do girls think of guys with earrings?

Some girls think it is fashion-forward, trendy, cute, adventurous and courageous of a guy to wear an earring on one or both of his ears. Others strongly feel that it denotes a term of sexual preference to the same sex couple relationship.

Another team feels it is edgy for a man to wear one earring and for this they advise that straight guys should wear one on their left ear. Why the left ear? That is because the right ear has long been associated with homosexual men who wanted to publicly display and declare their sexual orientation.

There are those girls who feel that it would be okay for her man to wear the earrings but only if he could keep it to a minimalistic design and size to keep from competing with her shine.

Other girls feel that it shows a streak of bad-boy which a huge majority of females find very hot of a quality for a man to possess.

Unless it’s her style as well, girls think that the gothic piercings and earrings are too much and an eye-sore.

These piercings incorporate pulling and stretching out the piercing to insert a gauge or tunnel in the gap and the idea is to keep increasing the size of this gap in diameter after every 6 to 10 months. Most girls think this is completely disgusting and unnecessary.

Another population of girls says that they almost never care to look for or at a guy’s piercing as they think it is irrelevant to the connection or relationship.


What do guys think of guys with earrings?

Most guys with earrings or who had them at some point in their life feel it is completely normal and acceptable for guys to wear earrings.

While some of those who still have them in their late ages, 40, 50 and 60, have great wives who appreciate or at least tolerate the wearing of earrings, others have continued to increase their collection of earring pairs with or without their spouse’s help.

This lot has a very positive opinion about guys with earrings and do not believe it is anyone’s business what a guy chooses to wear.

Another breed of men feels very strongly that a man should not get any piercing of any kind anywhere on their body. These men believe it is effeminate for a guy to wear an earring and would go as far as not socializing generally with the earring wearing man.


I’m a guy, should I pierce my ears?

Absolutely, only if you want to. It is evident that as a guy, getting your ears pierced will churn out different remarks from people with different backgrounds.

The most important thing to consider first is if you like it. If you have no doubt about your preference, then go ahead and do it while ignoring all the nay-sayers.

Consider your place and nature of work because guys in earrings still face many stereotypes and discrimination. You need to be a wise guy in terms of creating a healthy balance between work and free time. So, you need to remove them and put them in often.

Without the earrings, the piercings are barely noticeable. However, you will need to carefully plan for your piercing appointment because you need to keep new earrings in for at least 3 weeks for them to heal.

Important things to keep in mind once you do is the quality of earring material to make sure it is hypoallergenic and then your piercing aftercare routine. See the hypoallergenic metal list here.

For hypoallergenic earring material, target earrings made of stainless steel, palladium or titanium.

They are definitely non-reactive and so durable that you might never have to replace them. The aftercare for piercings simply dictates a 3-4 times a day clean wipe with a cotton swab using a saline solution either provided for by the clinician or from a drug store.



Getting your ears pierced is a very personal decision and while it could be motivated by various reasons, it should only be based on personal preference.

Girls and guys alike, have conflicting opinions about the attractiveness of guys who wear earrings but two things they all agree on is that it is a valid idea to ponder and that it should entirely be up to an individual to decide if and when to get and wear one.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!