Are Diamond Rings Made in China Real?(Quick Answer)

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The popular stereotype that accompanies Chinese products is that they are substandard and even more bluntly put, fake.

However, China is now the cheapest and sought-after manufacturer because of its superior technology and massive labor force. It would be interesting to find out if the diamond rings made in China are real.

Are Diamond Rings Made in China Real

A diamond is made of carbon components that have been combusted forcing them to crystalize into the stone we so love. In recent years, there has been a revolution in the diamond ring industry. This is largely owing to the rise in lab-created diamonds that match a real diamond in all respects.

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Do Diamonds Come from China?

We wouldn’t be right to say that diamonds come from China as they are a gem that is attained mostly after tireless mining processes. Having said that, it is important to recognize a press release made by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) back in 2018 that revoked the “natural” tag pegged on diamonds.

This is because of the new diamonds in town that are a complete replica of their predecessors.

Are Diamond Rings Made in China Real

China, never one to be left behind, has for long been producing man-made diamonds but largely for industrial purposes only. China is home to the largest manufacturer of man-made diamonds in the entire world.

With rapidly evolving technology, the Chinese people saw a gap in the market for lab-created diamonds and went ahead to begin production. Now, within a matter of days or a few weeks, crystal clear diamonds can be formed.

It is estimated that almost 10 billion carats of diamonds are produced by China and this trend has been ongoing for the past decade. Henan Huanghe Whirlwind, which produces 1.2 billion of these diamonds annually, alleges that over those years, the diamonds were only used for electronic chips, aeronautics, and oil rigs.

Presently, the market has grown rapidly and more people are buying and appreciating the lab-created diamonds which has introduced new competition. For this reason, China has also moved into the diamond jewelry industry.

More than the creation of a lab diamond, technologies available in China can further process the crystal in using some techniques and formulas that will enhance the strength and clarity of the man-made diamond’s structure. This treatment could upgrade a diamond to a more valuable diamond grade.

Currently taking up a measly 3 to 5 percent of the global market, synthetic diamonds could benefit from the entrance of a large manufacturer such as China. With growing awareness, appreciation, and demand for the more affordable versions of diamond rings, this market share is set to increase exponentially.

Are Diamond Rings Made in China Real

De Beers, the dominant diamond miner, and trader who brought us the “Diamonds are Forever” slogan gave in to public pressure and joined the man-made diamond wagon in 2018. As a voice of great influence in the market, their choice to get into lab-created diamonds while still dominating the real diamond world was unprecedented.

This move jostled many Chinese diamond manufacturing plants to include jewelry diamond cuts to their repertoire.

Adding to the main benefit of lab-created diamonds which is that it is impossible to tell it apart from a real diamond without specialized equipment, these diamonds have lowered costs of diamond production.


Are Diamond Rings Made in China Real?

Are Diamond Rings Made in China Real

Yes of course diamonds made in China are real. They are as real as any diamond can be now that there is no longer a distinction between created and mined diamonds.

Diamonds are a crystalized composition of the carbon components. These are the same carbon components found on a pencil. So, because carbon is the same no matter where it is, there can be no disputing China made diamonds.

Besides, China has the same if not better technology as compared to the US and the rest of the world. Creating diamonds is a machine intensive process which means that whether a diamond is created in China or anywhere else, it is a real diamond.

Adding to the legitimacy of Chinese diamonds is the fact that all lab-created diamonds have to be certified and graded by the Gemological Institute of America which is the universally recognized diamond certifying authority.

These audits follow the 4C method familiar with all diamond types. This covers the diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Having satisfactorily assessed and accurately reported the diamond crystal’s grade, the diamond is then ready for the jewelry market.

Because Chinese are mystical and superstitious people, they will make diamond carats featuring a repeat number that means something spiritual to the collective. For example, number 8 in China is regarded highly as a number that brings bout wealth and good luck. This is the reason why you keep seeing odd carat weights like 0.88 carats in the Chinese diamond dealership.


China Diamond Reviews – Would You Buy One?

Are Diamond Rings Made in China Real

China seems to have taken the move to diamond jewelry production quite seriously and even found a way to incorporate a message about them in their tourism campaigns.

With a detailed explanation of what you can expect to find and experience as a visitor, the people of China who are enthusiasts of jewelry and travel give insightful tips on how to buy jewelry while on your trip.

Some individual reviews on China-made diamonds seem to suggest that their techniques and execution in design output has greatly increased. A few seem to be teasing at the idea that Chinese diamonds are set to be the next big thing with their attention to detail.

Chinese travel agents suggest that a tourist should find a Chinese jewelry agent who will help you through all the language barriers for you to help you find your dream diamond. However, jewelry agents come at an added cost which is the last thing you want to hear while on vacation.

Buying a diamond testing kit might be something that you are interested in because it will tell you specific details of any given diamond. Doing this, will save you from swindlers and will show store owners that you are committed buyer and they will address and attend to you with some respect.

Even with such transparency and this warm extended invite to go to China and sample their gems both native-like their pearls and some new-age like the lab-created diamonds, the cost of diamonds in China is significantly higher than in other countries.

For this reason alone, I would turn down the opportunity to shop for diamonds while in China but I would go online to procure a diamond made in China because it is much cheaper there.



Diamonds made in China are real. They are as real as any diamond can be now that there is no longer a distinction between created and mined diamonds.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!