Are Diamond Hoop Earrings In Style In 2024?

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You can’t hate diamond jewelry, especially not the diamond hoop earrings, but are the earrings in style in 2024? Like the gold hoops, diamond hoop earrings are elegant and add that beautiful feminine touch to any outfit.

They are pretty stylish and boast the best level of spontaneity, and you will look great with the hoop earrings, regardless of your age and sense of style. But are they in style in 2024, and should you continue wearing them?


About diamond hoop earrings

Diamond hoop earrings have been around for years. They have evolved and are quite versatile such that you can wear the diamond hoop earring to the office and out in the evening with elaborate outfits thanks to the power of the hoops to add a playful mood to your outfit.

The diamond hoops also draw attention to the shoulders, neck, and eyes. And as seen on the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, the diamond hoops bring together your entire outfit.

The hoop diamond earrings are made of gold and other metals, with small diamonds that elevate the appearance of the hoops. And so, because they remain pretty hot and stylish, designers from Saint Laurent to Tory Burch are all creating the best gold diamond pieces and showing how well they can be styled.

Are Diamond Hoop Earrings In Style

Note that you must consider your style preferences when shopping for the best diamond hoop earrings. While most small everyday hoops seem subtle enough for everyday wear, they might be more sparkling than you think, depending on the concentration of the diamonds that results in a bigger diamond pave.

In addition to the round diamond hoop earrings, there are also square and asymmetrical diamond hoops. The hoop sizes vary, and you may also find some of the best options of small diamond hoops, such as huggies. The little huggie hoops are a great layering option and work great for anyone looking to elevate their appearance, albeit subtly.


Diamond hoop earrings history

Hoop earrings are some of the oldest accessories dating back to the ancient Asians, Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians where they were used not just to show an individual’s status in society but also as a means of identification, for example, for tribal members and the power play in societies.

The first hoop earrings date back to 2500BCE in Nubia or modern-day Sudan in Africa. The ear jewelry from these ancient days were made of bronze, gold, and silver. Then in 1000BCE, as the idea of wearing jewelry spread, tapered hoop earrings grew popular in most other cultures of the world.

Egyptians from 1500BCE, both men and women, wore gorgeous hoops because they believed that the hoops not only enhanced the wearer’s beauty.

These hoops were made of beads and twisted gold wires. Soon after, the Roman and ancient Greeks embraced the idea of hoop earrings. Although women predominantly wore hoops in the Roman and Greek empires, men with a higher social ranking wore hoop earrings.

This was also the case in ancient Persia, where soldiers wore single hoop earrings. Hoop earrings declined in the following years, and there isn’t much account from the ancient civilizations.

However, one of the most notable declines was in the 1600s and the 1700s, with lighter hoops coming back in style in the 1800s. In the 1900s, hoop earrings’ popularity in the US was soaring, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that they became mainstream.

The styles of the earrings also changed, and between the 1950s and 1970s, the hoop earrings worn were made of different materials and embellishments.

Hoop earrings from the 80s and 90s are some of the most adorned ones, as they were largely worn by hip-hop and R&B stars. Today, diamond hoop earrings are some of the most popular styles of hoop earrings.


Are diamond hoop earrings in style in 2024?

Are Diamond Hoop Earrings In Style

Yes, hoop diamond earrings remain quite stylish in 2024, and beyond the fact they look naturally elegant and work for everyone and every occasion, they are easy to accessorize. You should definitely skip the chain necklace if you have diamond hoop earrings on.

They are quite trendy, and in addition to Meghan Markle, the other celebrities who have been seen in elegant diamond hoop earrings include Selena Gomez, Zendaya, and Jennifer Lopez. These ladies know all too well the beauty of these earrings, showing how easily anyone can pull off the look.

These versatile accessories come in different sizes, as mentioned above, so you get to choose the hoop earrings style and size that works for you.

Even with the small diamond hoops, you can still pull off a nice, playful casual look/ style, while the bigger hoops give off the perfect statement look. The thinner hoops are stylish, too, especially for that graceful look.

These stylish earrings also feature different setting styles like the channel setting, the U-shaped setting, and the pave diamond setting that showcases the delicate diamonds often secured by the thin metals and petite beads for a dainty, charming look.


Pros and cons of wearing diamond hoop earrings

Are Diamond Hoop Earrings In Style


  • These earrings are elegant and stylish
  • Versatile to suit different style preferences and settings
  • These earrings are timeless
  • You can choose hoop earrings with different settings to match your style.
  • They will never go out of style
  • They all look good, small or big
  • The hoops complement all face shapes


  • High-quality diamond hoop earrings can be expensive
  • Can you wear diamond hoop earrings every day?
  • Yes, you could.


Tips for wearing diamond hoop earrings

Are Diamond Hoop Earrings In Style

  • Opt for the medium-sized diamond hoop earrings for everyday wear because these work with all outfits
  • Wear the thicker diamond hoop earrings when dressing up, especially if you have long hair. These hoops complement all face shapes.
  • Wear the small hoop earrings for easy transition from day to night
  • Huggie diamond hoops can be worn at all times, day or night, alone or with other earrings
  • Large diamond hoop earrings are great statement pieces that pair well with dresses and an updo, especially for the evening.



The diamond hoop earrings are the perfect modern accessory for the stylish modern man or woman, and they never go out of style.

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