Are Cuff Bracelets Comfortable to Wear? (Answered by Jeweler)

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If you like matching different outfits with some type of jewelry, you should consider adding cuff bracelets to your collection.

The problem with many people looking for such jewelry is that they confuse cuff bracelets with bangle bracelets.

We came up with this post to help you learn everything regarding cuff bracelets.

By the end of the post, you will learn if they are comfortable, how to wear them comfortably and adjust them. Read on!


About the cuff bracelets

Are Cuff Bracelets Comfortable to Wear

A cuff bracelet is also known as an open cuff bracelet or wrist cuff. This is a popular piece of jewelry that has been in existence for more than 5000 years.

Unlike today when the cuff bracelet is simply a fashion item, it had different meanings in the past. For instance, slaves in specific regions were forced to wear cuff bracelets for identification.

In India, this bracelet symbolizes love since most men give ladies the jewelry to win them over. Today, a cuff bracelet is a fashion trend that both women and men embrace.

While some people wear it on bare skin, others prefer wearing this piece of accessory over long sleeves.


Features of cuff bracelets

Are Cuff Bracelets Comfortable to Wear

A cuff bracelet differs from a bangle bracelet since it has an open design. While a bangle bracelet is designed to go fully around the wrist, a cuff bracelet does not close on the wrist.

The market offers cuff bracelets that come in different styles. Most cuff bracelets are made from solid materials like metal. You may come across those made from gold or silver.

Apart from metal, some cuff bracelets are also made from leather. Since this bracelet has a wide surface area, some are designed with different elements to make them look more attractive.

For instance, you may come across cuff bracelets with soldered elements like layers of different metals, gemstones, studs, or crystals.

If you are looking for a cuff bracelet that you can wear in most casual settings, you can find one that features beads or comes in the form of a chain.

Some jewelers also sell cuff bracelets that come in different geometric shapes like edgy, round, or oval to appeal to customers with different tastes.

If you are not content with one cuff bracelet, you can also look for those that come in a stacked style. Such cuff bracelets feature multiple strands.


Are cuff bracelets comfortable?

Are Cuff Bracelets Comfortable to Wear

Since this rigid bangle comes with an opening, it is often comfortable to wear. You can wear this piece of jewelry close to the wrist without experiencing any discomfort.

Slipping cuff bracelets over the wrist bone is quite easy due to its open design.

It is comfortable since this bracelet has a wide opening at the bottom. You can either wear a cuff bracelet open side down or open side up.

As you put on this accessory, you can turn the arm sideways to comfortably slide the cuff bracelet on your wrist.

This bracelet is comfortable since it fits a bit looser on the wrist rather than clinging to it.

Therefore, you can wear a cuff bracelet the entire day without feeling the need to remove it.

Since some cuff bracelets have a ball, they stay secure around the wrist.

Besides being easy to put on, cuff bracelets are also easy to get off. When you buy a cuff bracelet, you can ensure that it is comfortable by putting it on before paying for it.


How to adjust your cuff bracelets if it is not comfortable

Are Cuff Bracelets Comfortable to Wear

One of the reasons many jewelry lovers like cuff bracelets is that they are easy to adjust. If, for instance, you have a cuff bracelet that features a stone in the center, place the accessory in your palm with the stone facing down.

Hold the back part of the bracelet with your fingers and use the first finger and thumb to bend the bracelet’s arm. Avoid adjusting a cuff bracelet by squeezing it when it is on your wrist since this can weaken it at the center. It can damage it or even make it develop an odd shape.

Note that not every cuff bracelet is adjustable. For instance, you may not be able to adjust a cuff bracelet made with heavy silver metal to make it more comfortable.

If you are worried about a cuff bracelet falling off, you can request a jeweler to include a safety chain in opening a cuff bracelet during purchase.


Tips for wearing your cuff bracelets comfortably

Are Cuff Bracelets Comfortable to Wear

1. Pick the right size

To wear cuff bracelets comfortably, you must ensure that you get the right size. Feel free to measure the size of the cuff bracelet.

You can find out your bracelet size by measuring your wrist with a tape measure. Add at least 1 cm if you want a close-fitting cuff bracelet and 1.5 cm if you want one that fits normally.

Are Cuff Bracelets Comfortable to Wear

2. Wear them on the non-dominant hand

If, for instance, you are right-handed, wearing cuff bracelets on your left hand can feel more comfortable. Many wearers choose this for practical reasons.

When you put on a cuff bracelet on the non-dominant hand, it will not always get in your way when performing different activities.


3. Choose one that does irritate your skin

We mentioned that cuff bracelets come in different materials, such as gold and silver.

If you have very sensitive skin, you should pay attention to the different materials used to make them.

If you often experience allergic reactions to certain metals, you should only choose a cuff bracelet that is less likely to cause any skin irritation.

Paying attention to this can help you wear a cuff bracelet longer and more comfortably.



Cuff bracelets stack beautifully on the wrist and come in all kinds of styles. They are comfortable and easy to adjust.

Many people also choose them over other bracelets since they have minimal movement.

If you have been considering this bracelet and were worried about discomfort, you now know how comfortable they are.

You can even adjust these bracelets to make them more comfortable.

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