Are Chokers Still In Style In 2024 and Beyond?(Pros & Cons)

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Chokers are stylish, elegant, and versatile. But are they still trendy and stylish in 2024?

When it comes to fashion, you can wear whatever you want, as long as it makes you happy and you feel great in it. However, you need to make sure that you are not committing a faux pas when wearing a choker; hence this article.

Are Chokers Still In Style

Chokers are elegant when they are worn right. So, if you are in love with chokers, this article will be an excellent piece that will help you choose the best accessory to keep you stylish.

In this article, we take a look at everything you need to know about chokers, and most importantly, the meaning of chokers. So, let’s dive in.


Does wearing a choker mean anything?

Are Chokers Still In Style

For starters, a choker doesn’t, in any way, mean ‘choke-her.’ While this may seem like the inferred meaning just because of the malleability and the fashionable design of this piece of jewelry as it stretches thin across your neck, the truth is that this piece of jewelry holds more meaning, as explained below.

It is a necklace, an accessory.

This is one of those things that some people will struggle to understand, but a choker is just a necklace, an accessory.

And a woman doesn’t wear a choker to seem provocative or to insinuate something by wearing a choker. She wears a choker just as she would any other type of jewelry just because she wants to wear it. Not to send some other message, but just because she wants to.

A choker is worn by females and even males to display their sense of individuality and their self-pride.

Are Chokers Still In Style

Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped most people from thinking of chokers as objects that insinuate someone provocative and inappropriate, especially to men.

And if we go a little back in history, women wore red ribbons around their necks during the French Revolution in 1798 as a way of paying homage to the individuals who faced impending death before facing the guillotine’s hand.

The red ribbon is much like the choker, which goes to show the choker has nothing to do with ‘asking for it’ or sending a provocative message.

Women and men wear chokers because that is what they want, not because of other reasons,


Are chokers still in style 2024?

Are Chokers Still In Style

If you are into chokers and are wondering if you can still wear chokers in 2024, then the answer is yes. Chokers are in style in 2024, and it would seem that this piece of jewelry is making a huge comeback from the 1990s.

Many celebrities are accessorizing with chokers on their necks, which not only makes chokers stylish, but it also makes it easy for you to find choker styling inspiration.

There are different, easy ways of wearing and pulling off the choker, and the best part is that it can be very easy for you to pull off a cool look with your choker on.

Some of these options include wearing your choker with the LBD, a checkered shirt, a simple tank top, the chambray skirt, or even the chunky gloss black ankle boots plus a black choker.

Generally, you have unlimited options when it comes to pulling off the choker look, and these are some of the best options for you.

And if you are going for the modern glam look, then you can show off this look by wearing some of the best silver and gold metal chokers paired with a brightly colored outfit.


Why do females wear chokers?

Are Chokers Still In Style

The simplest and the most only reason why females wear chokers has to do with one thing, fashion.

While there seems to be a surge in the popularity of chokers in the fashion scene today, the reason for the popularity of this accessory is more than its aesthetic appeal and the fact that more and more people are finding it to be the best piece of jewelry.

The choker is more of a trend that has been around even before the 90s, which means that for more than 20 years now, the choker has been around for generations and generations, and it isn’t something new. Its resurgence is more or less the best way for females to celebrate fashion in the best way they know-how.

Beyond the popularity of the choker in the 1970s, it would appear that the choker has been around longer than the 70s. There isn’t much about the details, but what’s apparent is that the choker has been worn by men and women across the world and multiple cultures.

Are Chokers Still In Style

Like other accessories, women wear chokers and other types of necklaces because they look good, and some days, their outfits are only best completed with the best kind of choker necklaces.

Women and girls wear choker necklaces, not for admiration and praise from men, but because that dress wouldn’t look as stunning with any other kind of jewelry, those cheekbones wouldn’t stand out as much without the choker on, and the neck or the jawline are best accentuated by the choker.

It is an item of fashion, and, therefore, and a cultural joke, especially because most men fail to notice details.

So, the next time someone makes you feel bad for wearing that beautiful choker, you really shouldn’t be bothered by their sentiments. Instead, think of how you feel and how good the choker necklace makes you feel.


Pros & Cons of Wearing Chokers

Are Chokers Still In Style


  • Versatile and trendy
  • Large variety of choker styles and designs
  • Long and deep history associated with chokers
  • Easy to style chokers
  • You can layer necklaces with your choker on


  • Can only be worn with specific outfits
  • Sexual innuendos around chokers make some people uncomfortable.


What do guys think of chokers?

Are Chokers Still In Style

At the end of the day, the opinions of others shouldn’t matter, and you should wear and accessorize with whatever you’d like. But wouldn’t it be interesting and nice to learn what guys think about chokers – even if that happens just for fun?

Well, this section of the article looks at the thoughts of guys around chokers.

The first thing you may want to find out is whether men find chokers to be sexual and why. Well, the unfortunate truth is that most guys insist that chokers were a sexual thing, specifically the chokers made of lace because these are known to be used for light choking.

Understandably, chokers have a place in the world of kinks, but the chokers used by these individuals are often made of leather or O-Rings, not lace.

But not all guys think of chokers are sexual items, with a good majority seeing them merely as items of fashion. Even if you are not into Goth fashion, chokers are fashionable pieces of jewelry that shouldn’t be seen in any other way.

Worn correctly, chokers work well in attracting attention to the wearer’s neck and their collarbone. And if you are underdressed and looking for something to add oomph into your outfit, the choker will go a long way in completing the look.

Are Chokers Still In Style

The fashionable design of the choker is the reason why this piece of jewelry has seen the insides of the biggest, most glamorous ballrooms and opera houses – that ball strapless ball gown or the plunging neck dress couldn’t look any better with anything other than the choker necklace.

The best part is that the men who appreciate fashion will see the choker as nothing more than a high fashion accessory.

There is, however, a rather thin line between the use of chokers as items of fashion and their associations with sex, especially in the world of BDSM.

As a result, the meaning or the significance of wearing a choker would depend on what you put out. The choker is only a sexual thing if two consenting adults choose to use it for that purpose specifically.


Should I get a choker necklace?

Are Chokers Still In Style

Yes. Chokers are stylish and trendy. So, anyone who loves chokers should be able to wear the choker necklaces comfortably.

Beyond the fine and delicate choker styles that make for easy necklace stacking, statement choker necklaces are stylish today, and these hard and powerful silhouettes curve around the neck beautifully.

All you need to do is to choose the length and width of the choker necklaces to bring out your best features and give you that desired look.

Often, chokers give off the ‘Go bold or Go Home’ vibe, which means that if you are going for a choker necklace, you must have the confidence and boldness to match the choker’s.



Choker necklaces are versatile, stylish, and the best item of fashion you could have in your jewelry box today, especially if you are into trends.

It is a versatile piece that you can wear with pretty much most of your outfits, including your oversized comfy sweaters or that romantic little black dress.

Whether you are going for an edgy, eclectic, or a posh look, there is always a perfect choker necklace for you.

You should also remember that the choker necklaces aren’t always the thick leather or metallic pieces, and there are numerous options for you to choose from, including the thin beaded Boho, lace, or macramé choker necklaces.

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