Are Chanel Earrings Real Gold?( Detailed Answer by Jeweler)

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When it comes to jewelry, I love investing in the best, and price is non-negotiable; I go for the quality.

There are many designer brands in the market, but Chanel is one of my favorites. Although it is known for its bags, its jewelry line does not disappoint.

When it comes to its earrings, it offers a variety that is made from real gold. If you own a pair of Chanel earrings, you may have wanted to clean your pieces but did not know how to do it.

The review below will guide you on how to take care of Chanel earrings. You’ll find out the materials used in making them and other essential information.


About Chanel earrings

Coco Chanel is a well-renowned brand across the globe. You don’t have to be a fashionista to know it; if you are a guy, you might have seen this label on your girlfriend’s handbag or seen her gushing over some of their jewelry pieces.

Despite being known for their bags, they produce jewelry earrings being one of the items.The company started producing earrings in the 1990s; since then, it has grown this line of products to what it is today.

Are Chanel Earrings Real Gold

Chanel has a variety of earrings: studs, clip-on and dangling earrings. The earrings are made from good quality material, which explains why they are sold at a high price.


Are Chanel earrings real gold?

Chanel earrings are made from real gold. However, you can get counterfeit products if you buy from unethical retailers. Seeing a stamp on the earring shows you if it is absolute gold.

Authentic gold earrings have a distinct shine and durability; they do not easily get worn out. Such kinds of jewelry are a good investment for a future resale.


What gold is used in the Chanel earrings?

Chanel earrings are made from real 18K gold. 18K gold comprises 75% gold and 25% of other alloys, which means it is not pure gold. Compared to 14K gold-coated jewelry, 18K gold is of better quality and goes for a higher price.

The elegance that exudes from 18K gold coated earrings is unmatched. Apart from the beauty, the type of gold used is complex, making it durable and not easily damaged. However, 24k gold offers a more refined shine than the 18K gold-coated jewelry.


What other metals and materials are used in making Chanel earrings?

Apart from gold, Chanel uses platinum and rhodium over steel, rhodium, and stainless steel. You can conclude that they use the best material; Chanel does not compromise on quality. For such material, you are assured of long-lasting earrings that stand out due to elegance and class.

Chanel uses rhodium, rhodium over steel, and stainless steel as materials in making their costume earrings. If you are not aware, Coco Chanel has a line of costume earrings; as the name suggests, they are themed. Using feathers, glass, metals, pearls, and other materials to make costume earrings.


Do Chanel earrings tarnish?

Are Chanel Earrings Real Gold

If not correctly taken care of, Chanel earrings may tarnish. Since Chanel earrings are made from 18K gold, six parts are from other alloys.

Gold does not quickly wear off, but since there are different materials, Chanel earrings are susceptible to tarnishing.  


How to care for your 18K Chanel earrings

Are Chanel Earrings Real Gold

Getting high-end jewelry is all nice until you notice that they have started to wear out. Chanel earrings are not exempted from this; they too can get tarnished when you fail to take proper care of them.

How does this happen? And how can you prevent this from happening to your Chanel earrings? I got you on that.

Here is what you need to know: Chanel earrings are made from gold. By knowing this, you can learn how to take care of the earrings. Since the earrings are not made from pure gold, the other materials are prone to wear off.

You can avoid placing your Chanel earrings with other jewelry which may get scratches from other pieces. Store them in the packaging that you got them in a while buying.

The good thing with these earrings is that you can wear them daily, but if you do this, you are exposing them to damage.

Are Chanel Earrings Real Gold

Chanel boutiques have clean earrings, so if you want your polished ones, pass by one to get them shiny or plated with rhodium.

If you do this by yourself, get warm water, soak them in it, use a soft brush to clean them, and dry them with a soft cloth. By all means, do not use detergent or anything containing chemicals.



Coco Chanel is a reputable brand having one of the best jewelry in the market. From what we have discussed, Chanel earrings are made from real gold, 18K gold.

Apart from gold, Chanel uses platinum, rhodium, and steel to make its earrings. For such expensive jewelry, you must take care; if not, it may get tarnished.

You can clean at home using warm water, a soft brush, and a soft cloth, or take your pieces to a Chanel boutique where they can do it professionally.

With these pointers in mind, you can comfortably purchase a pair of Chanel earrings.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!