Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style in 2023?-Quick Guide

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I have always seen chandelier earrings on people’s ears since the early 90s. This trend became an obsession in the spring of 2018 when runways filled up with these gorgeous dangles.

I know I was obsessed as I owned countless pairs. Someone might think that this trend has faded in 2023. You might have spotted a pair and fell in love with it, but are unsure if it’s still trendy.

Well, you are in luck today because we are going to find out if the chandeliers are thumbs up or if they are epic fails in 2023.


What Do Chandelier Earrings Look Like?

Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style

The chandelier earrings are elongated dangling earrings that dangle from a hook or stud.

I wouldn’t be too quick to say that they resemble your dining room chandelier as it might come off as offensive, but I would like to point out that they hang in your ear in the same fashion the chandelier hangs on the ceiling.

This is probably not the most elegant comparison, but it is the closest I could get to trying to depict the real picture of a chandelier earring. The chandelier earrings have continued to trend over the years due to the elegance they bring.


A Brief History of Chandelier earrings

Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style

The chandelier earring design is traced to the Middle East and India. The rest of the world came to know about them in the British Colonialism era.

The design would later come to explode in 1947 when King George granted his daughter Princess Elizabeth a pair of chandelier earrings at her wedding. However, this is the chandelier history as we know it.

Evidence dating back to the ancient Greeks found similar earrings that dated back to 5 BC. Archeologists have discovered pairs of gold filigree earrings that closely resemble the chandeliers.

Whatever year they were discovered, the point is that this earring design is centuries old.


Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style in 2023?

Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style

The answer is yes. The chandeliers are still going strong and have passed the test of time. Recently, top fashion icon and celebrity Kim Kardashian has been spotted in a pair of elegant chandelier earrings.

You have nothing to worry about as modern designs are contemporary and stunning. This legendary trend is not retiring at the time, especially in 2023. They are topping the lists of hot trends and are expected to continue till the end of the year.

The stunning party-girl earrings are capable of transforming an ordinary outfit into a trendy style. If your great fear was rocking an outdated pair of earrings, pull out your chandelier earrings and wear them with all the confidence that you can gather.


Pros and Cons of wearing chandelier earrings

Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style

There is always an upside and a downside to all fashion trends. Our precious chandelier earrings are no exception.


Let’s look at the good first

The chandelier earrings are still trending. They have trended in the previous years and they continue to trend to date. Nobody wants to wear outdated jewelry, especially in this era of social media.

Your circle will notice and either embarrass you or tell you to get rid of it depending on the kind of people you surround yourself with. We want to keep up with trends and post on social media without the risk of embarrassment. This trend is currently safe.

Another great advantage of the chandeliers is their ability to transform a boring outfit into a stunner. If you are feeling particularly boring, throw on a pair of chandeliers and elevate your look.

Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style

If you are all about celebrities and what they wear, it will interest you to know that top celebrities and fashion icons are still rocking the chandelier earrings. This has been a trend in most awards shows and star-studded parties. You will wear something similar to your favorite idol.

The styles and varieties are more than you could ever imagine. They are available for all face shapes and in your favorite colors. Whether you like the drastic detailed look or you are a minimalist, the chandelier earrings are your go-to jewelry.


The Downside

Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style

Some chandeliers clink subtly and can be uncomfortable to the ears. I know I don’t like ringing sounds in my ears, but if this doesn’t bother you, then get those chandelier earrings on. Some designs are quite bulky and can take a toll on your earlobes. These are best avoided altogether.

Another downside of the chandeliers is that they tend to favor round faces and square faces more. This can be limited to people with different face shapes.  

Another limitation is that your dress or top must be low cut. Long earrings are never worn with high necklines. Did you know that you can’t pair your chandeliers with a necklace?

The overall look will be exaggerated and overbearing. If you must wear your chandeliers, forget about that gorgeous neckpiece for the day.


Should you Buy Chandelier Earrings for yourself?

Are Chandelier Earrings Still in Style

Yes, you can get yourself a pair by all means. I do not know any superstition or myth surrounding the chandelier earrings. If it’s about the pricing, the market has all types ranging from high-end diamond chandelier earrings to simple and affordable yet good-quality types.

If you would rather receive them as gifts, make it known to your intended giver. A pair of chandelier earrings will elevate your attire, especially on special occasions. The trick is to shop early enough to avoid a last-minute rush and settle on average-looking earrings.



Chandelier earrings are here to stay in 2023. It has been there since the 5th Century BC and its trend is unwavering.

Predictions made in 2023 that the chandelier earrings will become a hit in 2023 have all come true. This trend continues to impress especially with the creation of modern contemporary styles.

More of the chandelier is likely to be seen on top runways and celebrity ears. If you want to join the trend, grab yourself a gorgeous pair and continue looking glamorous.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!