Are Chain Belts In Style in 2024? – Quick Answer

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Chain belts are considered an important fashion accessory for 2024. This article is right for you if you are finding yourself drawn to accessories excessively this year but still want to get it right.

Here, we’ll talk about all matters, chain belts, and more specifically, what we believe is the best way to accessorize the chain belt so that you don’t like it walked straight out of the 90s.

But even before we walk you through the elements that make the chain belts stylish to date, let’s take a look at history and everything else you need to know about the history of these belts.

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Chain belts and gold chain belts in history

Every time the chain belt is mentioned, images of this type of belt garnishing Jennifer Lopez’s waist as well as Aaliyah’s and Christina Aguillera’s all flood out mined, and this is especially true after these pop stars made the belts fashionable and iconic, whether worn as single pieces or as multiple chains in various sizes. All these point to the relatively rich history that the chain belts boast.

are chain belts in style

But what you may not know about the chain belts is that these fashion accessories that are once again popular in 2024 have been around for much longer than most would love to admit – most notably, the 80s and 90s when the shoulder pads and puff sleeves were a thing, and later in the 90s when cargo pants were a staple, and the square-toe sandals the fashion piece that you just had to wear.

And with brands like Paco Rabanne in their signature silhouette to Bottega Veneta’s chain belt offering, which also doubled as a necklace, there is no doubt that this accessory is the piece that creates an unmistakable statement.

In the past, these accessories were made in silver and gold variations, and it is pretty impressive to see how fashion history has come back full circle.

Today, the chain belts are fully back in style, made primarily of gold, although you could also mix the metals. You also get to try out the layered or the super-skinny look, proving that the chain belts are versatile and stylish as ever. None of us would mind donning the chain belt today.


Are chain belts in style in 2024?

While the previous statements point to the fact that the chain belts are still in style in 2024, we’d like to reiterate that yes, the chain belts are still in style today, and you will look great in one or another three of the chain belts.

are chain belts in style

Stylists are all in support of this fashion accessory, with many of them claiming that the chain belt is a forever style accessory thanks to the belt’s inherently retro style, which makes the chain that interesting accessory that you always want to put on, especially on the days that your outfits and mood need a huge lift or twist.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is an accessory style brought to life by Chanel, and wearing the same accessory is a way of paying homage to this style icon.

The chain belt also stands out as the most stylish fashion accessor because of its versatility, precisely the fact that you could wear it on your floaty dresses or your bare skin.

You could also drape it on your skirt, shirt, dress, jeans, pantsuit, playsuit, and the most flawless look would be draping a single or layered chain belt ever your favorite jumpsuit. The versatility of the chain belts is enhanced by the fact that the chain belt comes in different designs, styles, and sizes.  


Pros and cons of chain belts

are chain belts in style


  • The chain belt is undoubtedly, a classic accessory that will never go out of style.
  • It is back in style in a big way in 2024
  • You get to choose from many design options, including classic gold chains, sterling silver, leather, and fabric chain belts.
  • Easy to style because they match different styles and looks
  • The chains can be thin or thick to match your style and the look you’re going for.


  • It’s not everyone’s ideal style accessory, especially if you are not into the 90s fashion styles.
  • Some pieces are very delicate and would fall or break apart too easily


Are gold chain belts in style in 2024?

are chain belts in style

The chain belt is one of the most stylish accessories straight from the 90s that you can still rock seamlessly.

Though you will come across different styles of chain belts, it is important to remember that if you must find a chain belt today, the gold chain belt would be the ideal option for you.

Gold chain belts are typically made of metals linked to each other, as is the case with chain necklaces, but the spaces between the links are bigger for the chain belts.

And so, instead of the traditional buckle belt in which you have to fit through the belt loops, the chain links are typically loops that go around your hip or the mid-waist and often hang down, creating a draped looked.

Chain belts are designed to wrap around the body more than once or layered.

So, thanks to the high degree of the versatility these chain belts offer, they remain an iconic fashion piece that is very much in style in 2024.


Pros and cons of gold chain belts

are chain belts in style


  • Elegantly designed chain belt options
  • Durable
  • Stylish and trendy even in 2024
  • Easy to style


  • These chain belts made of gold are pretty delicate
  • In the case of poor-quality gold plating, the chain belt loses its sparkle and shine rather quickly.


Should you buy Chain belts in 2024?

are chain belts in style

If you are one of the many people asking this question, our answer is a definite yes. It would be best if you bought chain belts because they are elegant, classic, and versatile accessories that add that exciting twist to your look.

Not sure how to accessorize or style the chain belt? Well, here are some ideas:

  • Don’t over-accessorize when you choose to wear the chain belt. You don’t want to be too loud with your accessories or create too many competing elements that will overwhelm your outfit.
  • Fit your chain belt below the wait for that loosely draped look around the midsection
  • Always be willing to play with different styles; for example, gold with black leather or colored charms for an unexpected flair.



The chain belts are in style in 2024, and so, if you wish to accessorize with this classic statement piece, you can go head!

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