Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad?(Detailed Answer in 2024)

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As long as you love wearing earrings, there is a high chance that at least one pair of your earrings feature butterfly backs.

But are the butterfly backs well for your ears? And should you be wearing the butterfly back earrings in the first place?

This article shares important insights into everything you need to know about the butterfly back earrings and whether you should be wearing them.

So, let’s jump right into it.


What is the butterfly earring closure?

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

The butterfly earring backing/ closure, also known as the friction back or the push back closure, is considered the most common type of earring backing.

This earring closure makes use of tension to grip the earring post. So, you’d slide your earring back on the raring post until it touches the earlobe, albeit comfortably, before you close it.

Because the earring backing depends on friction to hold on to the earring post, the butterfly back or closure is the most common closure used for earrings.

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

Unfortunately, this means that the back is only good for as long as the friction is there to create the needed tension to hold on to the post and keep the earring on.

Even with its imperfection and the fact that it relies on friction to keep the earring secured may mean that the butterfly back earring is not the very best option for you; it still is the preferred earring closure for most people.

It’s also the go-to closure option used by most jewelry makers/ wearers, it’s budget-friendly, easy to wear and take off, and you may also like it because it’s (to a large extent) the most secure option you could choose.

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

Some designs of the butterfly backs will feature a safety notch on the end that will catch the backing in case it slips down.

To ensure that yours is the best butterfly-backed earrings, you should buy the earrings or backings that are made of heavier and much thicker metals. This is because such backings are much more secure and durable.


Are butterfly back earrings bad?

Though popular, it’s worth taking a look at the kind of safety that is afforded by these bracelets and whether this type of earring backing is good for you.

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

What you’ll notice about these earring backings is that they are not perfect. Besides the risk of the backing and the earrings falling off, there is also the risk of ear infections and a host of other ear problems.

This is a risk because the space between the earring back and your ear is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. You may have noticed that despite washing behind your ears often, there is often some yucky gunk that would make you question your cleanliness and overall hygiene.

What this means is that you’d have to be extra careful with the butterfly earring backs to avoid ear infections or other problems. Ideally, you need to remove the earrings and backs regularly then sanitize them to prevent infection.

The risk of ear problems and infections aside, the butterfly backs are not to be jammed too tightly on the post or the back of your ear.

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

If or when you do this, you will increase the risk of pain on your earlobes because of the impact caused and the poor circulation.

So, you may want to think of creating an air gap between the back of your earlobe and the earring backing to lower the risk of infection and to ensure the best level of comfort.

This other problem might not be related to the back/ closure being a problem (at least not directly), but it would still point to the problem being aggravated by the design of the butterfly earring closure/ back.

Here, we are talking about metal being the problem, and it arises from the fact that most of the earring backs available on the market today actually contain nickel.

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

If your skin reacts adversely when you wear certain kinds of earrings, nickel is most often the cause of concern as it causes the allergic reactions that most people with sensitive skin struggle with.

With this in mind, take a little more time to research or ask about the metals used to make the earrings and/or the backs. Avoid the ones with nickel to protect your ears.

Now, these details would make the butterfly earring backs look like the worst possible thing where earrings are concerned. But are they (that bad)?

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

Not entirely. If the butterfly earring backs weren’t considered one of the best available options by jewelers, they wouldn’t be the go-to option for the stud earrings that most ear piercings make use of when you get your first piercing.

The butterfly backs are added to the earring and go to the back of your earlobe when the piercing gun is used. They are not perfect, though, which is why it’s ideal that the back is not fixed too tightly when you’re getting the ears pierced.

So, why is this an option for most piercers?

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

Well, it turns out that unlike other types of earring backs, the butterfly backs remain a preferable option for most people because these backs don’t create or allow for much or any room for swelling.

As long as the piercing site is cleaned well and as directed, it will not trap much bacteria, and you won’t have to worry about problems like infections. Just don’t let it sit there for too long because it may be difficult to take off the earring backing, and the piercing site could be infected.

But generally, they are not the best option, especially if they are stuck.


Butterfly back earrings hurt – Is it normal?

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

Yes, it’s normal for the butterfly back earrings to hurt.

In most cases, there is a pain when the earring backs get stuck – possibly because the back was made to be too tight or because of increased tightness for the metal curls when you pushed the post into it.

Whichever the reason for the pain and discomfort, you’d have to be extra gentle when removing the back.


Why is butterfly back earring bad?

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad

Some of the reasons why the butterfly backings are considered bad include:

  • The backing is jammed into the ear, and they get stuck
  • They are not durable and not made for flexible use. They may not offer the right amount of room for the ear’s natural swelling after getting the piercing.
  • There is often too much build-up from gunk and dead skin on the backing, and this is just inevitable. Healing won’t happen in the most sanitary way, hence a high risk of infection – especially because there’s always gunk on the post/ backing.
  • It’s not the recommended standard for new piercings that could tarnish or chip off, worsening the risk of allergies and infections.
  • They could be forced too tight.
  • Mostly uncomfortable to wear and sleep on
  • The tops or posts cannot be changed


Pros and cons of butterfly back earring

Are Butterfly Back Earrings Bad


  • Affordable and easily available
  • It can be easy to use
  • There are secure and work well when the size is right for your ears


  • High risk of infections and allergies
  • Not easy to clean, especially for new piercings
  • They can be too tight and would be stuck in the ear
  • Alternative to butterfly back earrings
  • Internally threaded earrings made of medical-grade titanium
  • Get piercing with a barbell or the labret piercing studs



Though the go-to and the more traditional earring backs style are available today, it is not the perfect or the ideal kind of backing for your earrings.

There are too many issues associated with such earring backs, which is why they are not the most recommended ones, especially when it comes to new piercings.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!