Are Brooches In Fashion 2024 Or In the Future?(Quick Guide)

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Brooches, like cocktail rings, grew in popularity in the 1920s during the Prohibition Era, a time when women used fashion to show their freedom and independence.

Over the years, there have been changes in fashion, and these changes have seen brooches come and go over time.

But are the brooches still in fashion today? Would you be considered fashionable if you wore a brooch in 2024?


Are brooches in fashion 2024?

Are Brooches In Fashion

While brooches are easily the first known accessory in the fashion world as they were worn by models in ancient times, not just to decorate clothes, but also to fasten capes and cloaks, and that they were only used as decorative pieces much much later, brooches are still around.

Before we look at the place of brooches in the world today, let’s first take note of the historical significance of brooches.

It’s noted that in the older eras of palace coups, brooches were more than accessories, and they were used as a spy subtext – which meant that choosing to wear a brooch bearing a specific pattern would transmit specific messaged, depending on where the brooch was worn.

The brooch messages would include signals for times and meeting places for secret meetings.

Today, things are different, and the brooches you may see worn around don’t carry any secret meanings, as they are used primarily as accessories.

Are Brooches In Fashion

And it would appear that the brooches are still in fashion in 2024. In 2024’s Spring-Summer fashion season, for example, there was quite a bit of brooch wearing, and the styles of brooches worn weren’t limited to a single style, and people were seen wearing brooches in all manner of patterns, from insects and laconic metal pins to elaborate designs with stones and rhinestones.

These are all in different sizes but meant to be seen. This trend is still alive and popular in 2024, and unlike in the past, where the larger brooches worn would be made of logos from the famous fashion houses and only seen in fashion shows, brooches are today worn as part of permanent collections from leading brands.

The brooches have also now become an important part of the everyday wardrobe for many stylish girls, the massive size of the brooches and their pretentiousness notwithstanding.

Are Brooches In Fashion

One of the biggest (hottest?) brooches trends in this season appears to be in the Baroque styles, as well as the Rococo style. These styles are depicted by the large brooch styles that come in yellow gold to some elaborate and very complex geometric shapes.

Some of these pieces are decorated using colorful stones. There are, however, other brooches that appear simpler, as they are made of thinner chains and rather elegant smaller brooches.

There is also the rise of vintage-style brooches that feature trendy decorations while still evoking that old-vibe. These brooches are often made of dark metal, some small colored stones or even pearls, and fancy shapes.

Are Brooches In Fashion

These brooches can be worn not just along the neckline but also on the collar of your shirt, and if you want to really make a statement, the brooch could be worn as a cufflink – as long as it’s smaller and asymmetrical.

The materials used to make the brooches on the market today are also quite different from what was used in the past. The brooches seen earlier would be made of elaborate stones and precious metals. The ones on the market today are made of materials like dried wool, leather, clay, plastic, wood, feathers, and fabric.

The other notable thing about fashionable brooches worn today is that if you choose to wear brooches, you won’t be limited to specific motifs, and you are free to venture into the world of insects, flower shells, whimsical abstracts forms, and birds-inspired designs.


Why brooches is still in fashion?

Are Brooches In Fashion

Not to sound corny, but brooches are still in fashion today because people find them to be fashionable.

But the biggest reason for their being in fashion has to be the improvements in the fashion scene and the fact that there are more elaborate, edgy, and trendy designs of brooches on the market today. The brooch is no longer considered your grandma’s accessory but a dandy piece of jewelry that adds character to your style.

And with people looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, brooches offer this avenue rather beautifully.


Pros and cons of wearing Brooches

Are Brooches In Fashion


  • Brooches are an accessory that allow you to make that memorable impression easily. They anchor your outfits for just that and instantly grab the attention of other people.
  • Works great in pinning down your scarf to hide a low neckline or replace a broken/ lost button
  • Simple way of adding color and contrast to otherwise boring clothes
  • Great for aesthetic
  • Numerous designs and styles for you to choose from
  • It can be used on your hair or belt too


  • Not everyone looks great in a brooch
  • It needs a big personality to match  


Brooches types are still popular

1. Bar brooches

Are Brooches In Fashion

This is the most popular type of brooch, and it’s available in all shapes and sizes, meaning you will find the perfect brooch you need for your preferred level of fastening.

It works best on the lapel, and most of the bar brooches will pin the hooks through the looped fastening. Most of the bar brooches offer a nice Art Deco feel.


2. Pendant Brooches

Are Brooches In Fashion

These brooches are some of the most versatile brooches on the market, as they are designed to create a transformational effect from a necklace and into a brooch.

They often have concealed bales in reverse, allowing for the sturdy attachment of the chain, which makes the pin completely invisible from its front.


3. Portrait Brooches

Are Brooches In Fashion

These brooches are reminiscent of the 18th-century style, and they feature miniature portrait paintings that are painted on porcelain, ivory, or mother of pearl.

The portraits were quite delicate, and they’d be commissioned by close family members or the subjects themselves. These brooches would be worn to secure in place scarves or shawls, and on other occasions, they’d be worn at the base of the neckline.


4. Foliate Brooch

This brooch features floral or leaves motifs, and they make some of the most stunning brooches worn in the 19th century to celebrate love and friendship.

Are Brooches In Fashion

5. Enamel brooches

Enameling involves the fusion of powdered glass to metals, and it creates some of the most stunning styles and colors, but without excessive use of gemstones.



Brooches are still in fashion in 2024, and if you are looking for a single accessory that will elevate your look, then a brooch is a good option.

You could wear it as part of your hairstyle, on the neckline, or even secure your headscarf or tie/ shawl, or on the lapel.

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