Are Bracelets And Anklets The Same Size? – Quick Answer

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There are times when you can wear your bracelet as an anklet. And though this trick works in some cases, it hardly works for all your bracelets, and you will find that most of your bracelets do not allow you to wear them around your ankle.

Wondering why this is the case? Well, this article addresses the main differences between bracelets and anklets. So, let’s get into it.


What is the difference between an anklet and a bracelet?

The main difference between the bracelet and anklet is that the bracelet is an accessory that you wear around your wrist, arms, or forearm, while the anklet goes around the ankle, as the name suggests.

However, it is important to note that both the bracelet and the anklet have been around for such a long time, and they have been proven to date back to some of the most ancient civilizations, specifically, the Bronze Age.

Are Bracelets And Anklets The Same Size

Archeological evidence shows that the ancient Egyptians wore bracelets and anklets, and this evidence is from as far back as 5000BC.

The pieces from the period were primarily made of stones, bones, and wood, and the bracelets from ancient times were worn primarily for religious purposes.

Still, they were slowly adopted into fashion, with royalty and other wealthy members of the ancient tribes adorned in elaborate jewels that included bracelets and anklets.

The adoption and evolution of these accessories also happened quickly, with the pieces made of metals like bronze, gold, and silver becoming staples quite fast.

Are Bracelets And Anklets The Same Size

Note that the bracelet gets its name from Latin Brachile, and it is believed to mean something ‘of the arm.’ On the other hand, the anklet came to be afterward as it was formed from the addition of a suffix ‘let’ to the root word, Arm.

The anklets were not as popular in the West, though, with the Indian women known to have popularized the wearing of this accessory.

The Indian women are known to have worn anklets for as long as anyone can remember, and it wasn’t until the 20th century that it became a thing.

And now, anklet lovers wear this accessory on either one or both ankles.

Are Bracelets And Anklets The Same Size

History and how or where these accessories are worn aside, the other common difference is the size. The anklet is slightly bigger (longer, with a larger diameter) than the bracelet.

Other than this, bracelets and anklets are often designed in the same way, so you will always find bracelets and anklets confused because they come in similar designs and styles.

Most of the time, the bracelets and anklets are dainty pieces that may or may not have charms.

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What is the average Bracelet size for a woman?

Women’s bracelets come in different sizes, but the average size for most women’s bracelets is between 6 ½ and 7 ½ inches.

But the 7-inch bracelet seems to be the ideal bracelet size for many women.

This applies to bangles and even cuff bracelets 7 inches long and 2 ½ inches in diameter.

Are Bracelets And Anklets The Same Size

What is the average anklet size for a woman?

Most anklets for women are 25cm long or 9 inches. But if your ankles tend to swell, you may want to get a 27cm anklet. This also applies if you have larger ankles.

To determine the right anklet size, measure your ankle’s circumference, then add between ½ to ¾ inches to the circumference for an accurate and a more comfortable fit.

The good news is that even without the added inches, many anklets come with an extension chain that allows for easy adjustment of the anklet for an excellent fit.

Are Bracelets And Anklets The Same Size


Are bracelets and anklets the same size?

The bracelets are mostly a few inches shorter or smaller than the anklets. The anklets are more extended versions of the bracelets.

And in cases where the bracelet can be worn as anklets, these bracelets tend to come with an extension chain that allows for more effortless adjustment of the anklet length for an excellent fit.

Are Bracelets And Anklets The Same Size

Naturally, the wrist is slightly smaller than the ankle, so bracelets and anklets are different unless an extension chain is incorporated for flexibility and extra comfort, either as a bracelet or an anklet.

On the flip side, there are many other people whose ankle and wrist sizes match, and in such cases, one would buy bracelets and anklets of the same size.


Are Bracelets And Anklets The Same Size


How to measure ankle size without measuring tape

In the absence of measuring tape, you can use a ribbon or string to determine the size of your ankle.

Tie the string or ribbon around the most comprehensive section of your ankle, then mark it.

Now, lay it flat on a table and then get a ruler to take the length of the string, which equals the length of your ankle.

You should add between ¼ inches to 1inch to the measurements obtained for the right ankle size. So, if your ankle is 9 inches, your ideal anklet size is between 9.5 and 10 inches.



Bracelets and anklets may or may not be the same size, depending on your wrist and ankle size and your preferred fit.

However, in most cases, the bracelets are about 2 inches smaller than the anklets.

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