Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof? – Expert Answer

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You recently got a Bond Touch bracelet as a gift from your partner and are pretty excited about it.

Naturally, you want to wear it everywhere to feel as close as possible to them wherever you go.

It is also a great conversation starter. But before you wear it in the shower or the swimming pool, read this.

In this short post, we’ll be looking at how waterproof these bracelets are and how to take care of them. Enjoy!


Are Bond Touch bracelets waterproof?

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

Yes, Bond Touch bracelets are waterproof. The external casing is both waterproof and dustproof.

The standard sports band is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which means it will not be damaged by humidity around your wrist as you go about your day-to-day activities.

You can take your Bond Touch to the pool, the beach, or for a shower, as long as you keep it shallow (less than 1 meter deep) and don’t immerse it in water for more than half an hour straight. 


How waterproof is the Bond Touch?

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

The Bond Touch is rated IP67, which means it is well within the waterproof range.

The IP part of the rating stands for “Ingress Protection,” which is the standard for International Protection Marking.

The first digit shows how well a product protects against solids on a scale of 0-6, where 0 is no special protection, while 6 is protection against external objects with more than 1 mm in diameter and complete protection against dust for an extended period.

 The second digit indicates how it protects against fluids at different pressures, volumes, and temperatures.

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

The scale ranges from 0, which is no specific protection, to 9, which is complete protection against high temperature, high volume, and high pressure from water jets from different directions. 

With an IP67 rating, the Bond Touch is completely protected from dust and external objects and against short-term immersion in water under pressure, 15cm to 1 meter. 


Can I shower with my Bond Touch bracelet? Why?

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

Yes, you can shower with your Bond Touch, and it is safe for two reasons.

First, showering does not involve submersion in water, so at no time will your bracelet be immersed in water, but rather have water running over it as it goes up and down your arm.

Second, the time your bracelet will be completely covered in water is less than 30 minutes, and the water jets are not under enough pressure to penetrate the casing. 


How long do Bond Touch bracelets last?

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

A fully charged Bond Touch will last around 4 days for most users. This is with average use consisting of 20 touches, each lasting about 10 seconds each day.

If you use it more frequently, then the charge will last a shorter time. Many users make a habit of charging their Bond Touch while they sleep, as it is also the same time that they charge their phones.

This way, they never experience low charges during their active hours, and more importantly, their partners are then able to reach them with ease when they are up and about. 

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

Charging a Bond Touch is easy. It comes with a device-suited charging cable that can be connected to a USB outlet, such as a USB power adapter connected to a wall socket, a computer, or a power bank. Use only the Bond Touch charging cables provided. 

It will take around 3 hours from zero to full charge on a USB power adapter. 


Tips for storing and protecting your Bond Touch bracelets

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

 We found the Bond Touch bracelet a helpful device to keep in touch when traveling or at work, but if you need to keep it away for whatever reason, I’d recommend that you store it in its package, or in a dry place away from direct sunlight, as you would store an exercise or smartwatch. 

Don’t leave your Bond Touch in the car because a parked car can get extremely hot. The expected temperature range of operation for a Bond Touch is between 32ºF to 104º F (0ºC and 40ºC). 

If you go for a dive, make sure to take it off if you intend to go deeper than 1 meter or to stay in shallow water for more than 30 minutes.

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

When it comes to cleaning your Bond Touch, use a clean, damp soft cloth. Use mild cleaners and avoid anything abrasive. Allow to air dry completely or wipe clean. 

The sports band is made of silicone and is waterproof. When you need to clean it, we suggest you use soap and water.

Remember to thoroughly rinse off the soap, as residues may cause skin irritations. For your comfort, avoid using harsh cleaners or anything abrasive and wipe it dry. 

Are Bond Touch Bracelets Waterproof

If, on the other hand, you are using a metal mesh band, remember it is not water-resistant. If you get it wet, dry it as soon as possible using a soft towel.

To prevent damaging your metal mesh band, avoid scraping or hitting it on hard objects. For routine cleaning, use a lint-free dry cloth. For a deep clean, use a damp cloth and a soft towel to dry. 

Third-party accessories are not encouraged because the company has no way of guaranteeing quality or material content. 



Bond Touch bracelets are a wonderful and non-intrusive way to let your significant other know you are thinking about them, and to let you know when they are.

They withstand water damage from most day-to-day activities and are easy to take care of.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!