Are Big Earrings In Style 2024? – Should You Wear Them?

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You probably have a number of big earrings in your jewelry collection, or you may be looking to add a few more pieces to your collection, but before you do, are the earrings stylish or trendy in 2024?

Would you still look stylish wearing the big earrings?

Well, let’s find out.


What are big earrings?

Are Big Earrings In Style

Big earrings are sexy, bold, playful, and fun. But if you are wondering about how to describe the earrings, you should know that the big earrings are bold, maximalist, and fun.

These earrings are fun and bright and are also commonly juicy and brightly colored. These earrings are ideally feel-good earrings, and like other maximal types of jewelry, these earrings give you an instant style and confidence boost, especially because wearing these fun pieces will boost your spirit.

For most people, the big earrings’ maximalist style is a huge deal, and by adding a pop of color, you will have an elevated look from the big and bold pieces.


Another name for big earrings?

Are Big Earrings In Style

Big earrings are best known as statement pieces. The big earrings have been around for decades and have remained in style for several decades, becoming more styling and in even higher demand this year thanks to the many big and bold styles of the big earrings.

What you may not know about these big earrings is that they are not a new trend – the big, stylish earrings date back to the ancient Egyptian era, and most of the recent bold styles are inspired by the older ancient designs.


Are big earrings in style in 2024?

Are Big Earrings In Style

Big, stylish earrings are quite stylish today. They are still in style but are particularly a bolder and more popular style in 2024, with many brands bringing out the big guns in the form of the biggest, jumbo-sized hoops made of Italian gold.

This style is a much-needed reminder and nod to the bolder earring styles of the 70s and the 80s. Today, every designer is coming up with their version of the extra-large earrings thanks to the fact that the big earrings are chic and look with just about everything in your closet.

And it’s not just hoops; there are several styles of big earrings other than the hoops. You can find anything you can imagine, from huge dangling earrings to floral shapes, geometric patterns, ceramic patterns, and everything else in between.

The big earrings are also made of different materials ranging from gold and sterling silver to several other forms of alternative materials used in jewelry making.


Why are big earrings still in style in 2024?

Are Big Earrings In Style

1. First, this style of earrings is very popular, and it’s still in style because the earrings are beautiful and complement every wearer’s features and style. Big earrings look good on everyone, and there is a stylish option for everyone. So, for anyone looking for versatile earrings that match different styles and help to create different looks while making sure that you always look and feel confident, the big earrings would be the perfect fit for you.

2. There is also a huge variety of earrings that you can choose from, and they are made of different materials. As a result, the earrings are designed to meet different budgets, so there is always something for everyone.

3. And because everyone is wearing chunky and bold earrings, regardless of their materials, it makes sense that this is the most popular style of big earrings on the market today.  

Are Big Earrings In Style

4. Big earrings remain in style today because this earring style is a must-have. For anyone looking to build their jewelry collection, investing in several pairs of big statement earrings is the most ideal thing to do.

5. If you are getting ready for a special occasion, throwing on big statement earrings will always add that much-needed dramatic flair to your style. The big earrings are perfect for events like birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, cocktail parties, and any other when dressing up for casual occasions.

6. Finally, if you are going for a bold, dramatic look, a pair of big, bold earrings will complete your look seamlessly.


Pros and cons of wearing big earrings?

Are Big Earrings In Style


  • The earrings come in different styles and are designed to match different style preferences.
  • Big statement earrings never really go out of style
  • There is a big earring style for everyone
  • These earrings will make you look much more feminine and attractive


  • The big earrings style is not ideal for everyone or rather; not everyone loves the earrings
  • The weight of the earrings may be a challenge since the earrings may hurt your ears, pulling down and over-stretching the earlobes or even splitting the lobes.
  • High-quality big and bold earrings can be very pricey, while the cheap fashion jewelry options can harm your skin if they have nickel, and also, these pieces may not last long.

A quick guide on how to wear big earrings

Are Big Earrings In Style

I. Pair the bold earrings with black outfits– a pair of statement earrings will stand out best alongside black outfits. So, you could easily pair the gold, pearls, or crystal earrings with a black top, black pants, and a black handbag. Ideally, go for any look that makes the earrings stand out.

II. Choose earring styles that match your face and make you stand out– You could try out big, bold earrings in abstract shapes and pieces whose design elements have a solid architectural inspiration. These bold and unique pieces of statement earrings will instantly elevate your look, and they also make for the perfect accessories for when you need to dress up.

Are Big Earrings In Style

III. Distribute the weight of the earrings– Since most big statement earrings are heavy, you should strive for earrings made of lightweight materials or options designed with weight distribution design features in place. You could also enhance the weight distribution of the big earrings by adding a small, invisible patch at the back of the ear on the earlobe to protect the earlobes from being stretched out.

IV. Don’t wear the jewelry too often– while the statement earrings make you stand out elegantly every time, you shouldn’t wear them every day because they may cause more strain on your ears, even with an invisible patch.

V. Shop smart– choose lightweight statement earrings made of skin-safe and suitable quality materials like wood, feathers, tassels, or hollow metals. Also, opt for high-quality gold hoops.



Big earrings are very stylish. They date back to the ancient Egyptian eras and have been worn by several other ancient world cultures.

Despite this, they remain very stylish today.

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