Are Baggy Jeans In Style in 2024 or in The Future?(Quick Answer)

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Trends are ever-changing, and according to Gen Z, skinny jeans are no longer fashionable, and that we should all embrace baggy jeans. So, are baggy jeans still in style in 2024? While it’s safe to say that we all slowed down on the denim in the past year, turning to softer pants including leggings, sweats, and even knit pants instead, meaning that we let all our jeans gather dust or woke up to the jeans being ill-fitting, there is a possibility that baggy jeans could be the new trendy pants.

And with new denim shapes and designs out on the horizon, essentially a wide range of freshly designed slim boot-cut jeans to the loose and the very distressed jeans that we now see all over Instagram, it’s clear that you need to understand not just what your options are, but also what to wear in 2024.

With the older designs of jeans dying out, new ones popping, and some of the older designs blended into newer and trendier options, you need to pay more attention to the jeans designs in style today, just to make sure that you are not out of place.  So, are baggy jeans in style in 2024?

To answer this question, we’ll start off with the basics:


Brief introduction of baggy jeans

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 Having entered the market as parachute or hammer pants that were worn by rappers when breakdancing back in the 1980s, the baggy jeans became quite popular from the 2000s. By 2003, however, they were replaced by boot-cut trousers and jeans, which were worn by pretty much everyone, including white men. These jeans were also known as the baggies in the UK in the 1990s. Today, they are better known as wide-leg jeans.

Baggy jeans or wide-leg jeans can, therefore, be defined as this style of clothing that was popularized in the early 1990s up to mid-2000s. They are quintessential to the hip-hop fashion style where these wide-leg jeans were worn by pretty much most of the youth from these times.


Are baggy jeans in style in 2024?

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Yes, baggy jeans represent one of the top denim trends of 2024, which means that while the wide-flared jeans feel outdated and may even more costumey, these slim boot-cut jeans are definitely stylish and also just right on your money.

The best part is that these baggy jeans tend to pair quite well with your heeled ankle boots, which means that there’s really nothing to hate about baggy jeans.


Why baggy jeans in style in 2024?

The primary reason why the baggy jeans remain in style is that they are quite fashion-forward, and as the go-to style for most people this year, then baggy jeans would be a great option. And with skinny jeans being out of style, then it’s time to get in your best baggy jeans. Just keep in mind that the baggier the jeans, the better they feel.

There’s also the fact that there is more than one style of what would be regarded as baggy jeans. These options include the 70s flares, the pleated 80s denim, the undone hems, and the 90s bootcut jeans.

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If baggy jeans not in style this year, will they come back in the future?

Baggy jeans are stylish and in fashion in 2024, but the best part is that they will stay in fashion this year. Though the trend might disappear just as fast as it showed up, you will be happy to know those baggy jeans are your best bet this year.


Pros and cons of wearing baggy jeans


  • The baggy jeans work well as the perfect option of transitions from loungewear, given the baggy and the freeing feel of the baggy pants that match that same freeing feeling that comes along with your favorite pair of sweats.
  • Baggy jeans are also available in a wide variety of silhouettes, which means that whatever the style of baggy jeans you choose, this pair of pants will always feel like the perfect showstopper.
  • The other reason why baggy jeans are a great option for you has to do with the fact the baggy jeans are highly regarded as fashion winners for this year.  
  • Finally, there is the fact that the baggy jeans are quite comfortable
  • Skinny jeans are also out of style, which means that if you are looking for something unique to fill in the gap created by the baggy jeans being in style, then this could be it.
  • There are endless ways of making the baggy jeans work for you, and you can wear them with everything from long sweaters and denim coats to blazers, loose and baggy tops, and sweaters.


  • They might fade out of style just as fast as they show up
  • Baggy jeans are not for everyone, especially for heavy individuals who will have the clothing simply skim over curves and bulges, and the clothes will not fit as well as you may hope.
  • The baggy jeans (and clothes) would also make you look thicker than you really are.
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Should you wear baggy jeans in 2024?

If you are into trends and you’re looking for something stylish and comfortable, then you should consider wearing baggy jeans. Just keep in mind that this denim style doesn’t work for everyone, which means that you should be more careful and selective over the kind of bag jeans you choose.



Baggy jeans are comfortable and stylish, and it seems that the long, skinny jeans are out of fashion. The baggy jeans are here to stay, and an increasing number of stars have been seen donning the best of baggy jeans in the past few days.

The primary reason for this is that baggy jeans are not just stylish but also comfortable.

With Gen Z throwing the skinny jeans out of the way, replacing them with baggy jeans, it’s safe to say that you cannot go wrong with the baggy jeans.

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