Are Ankle Bracelets In Style 2024 or Beyond?(Quick Answer)

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Ankle bracelets represent a style of jewelry that comes and goes, and though you may be fascinated with the ankle bracelets, there are times when you’d have to ask yourself if you should wear that bracelet or not.

So, if you are wondering if wearing ankle bracelets is still considered a stylish thing to do in 2024, this article has all the answers you seek.

So, let’s jump right into it!


Are ankle bracelets in style in 2024?

The ankle bracelets worn today are different from the ones that were worn in the 90s – then the ankle bracelets featured a lot of colored strings and shells, but today, there is a huge upgrade, and the anklets worn are more chic, and really, accessories that can be worn all year round thanks to the use of more durable and expensive materials like 14k and 18k gold, semi-precious stones, pearls, delicate chains, etc.

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In 2018, the ankle bracelets resurfaced as there was a surge of the puka shell mania, which was worn as the go-to summer accessory. In 2020, however, the chic, stylish anklets seemed to have made a comeback, and this trend is expected to be around throughout 2024.

So, if you are wondering if wearing ankle bracelets in 2024 is still stylish, the answer is yes. And the best part is that you can wear it as an everyday accessory, not just as a beach accessory.

The beauty of anklets is that if they are paired with the right clothes, they are instant fashion elevator to whatever outfit you have on, and you can wear it with street fashion or high-fashion styles as that everyday accessory. Also, the anklet works for anyone, whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist.

So, if you are unsure about wearing this ankle-hugging piece of jewelry in 2024, you shouldn’t because it’s not only one of the most coveted accessories but also a trendy accessory that you shouldn’t shy away from wearing. In fact, stylists note that this is the only accessory that you should be wearing today.

And with a good style variety on the market today, from the simple Figaro chain anklets to the colorful Boho chic beaded anklets, and even the pearl anklets, you really wouldn’t go wrong with an ankle bracelet.


Why are ankle bracelets still popular?

As mentioned above, ankle bracelets are still popular today, which means that they are not just a preserve of the 1990s.

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The reason for this is that in as much as the anklets and chokers were a 90s thing, they remain fashionable in 2024 because they are a subtle fashion accessory that is easy to wear and match. In other words, the anklets look good, and most people can pull off the ankle bracelet look effortlessly, and this is why the bracelet is trendy today.

Ideally, ankle bracelets look good, and anyone can pull off the look easily, so if you are one of the individuals that can pull off its look easily, it makes sense to wear the accessory.

Then there is the fact that there are numerous cool anklet styles on the market today. The new ankle bracelets you see around are subtle, cool, and stylish, and you can keep the anklet on with your work clothes and heels, just as easily as you can wear it when dressing up for brunch.


Popular Ankle bracelets types

Some of the anklet styles on the market today include the chain anklets, which are quite popular, the crystal anklets, layered anklets, beaded anklets, beach, and the dainty/ delicate anklets.

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  1. Chain Ankle Bracelets

These are the most versatile and also the simplest of ankle bracelets that can be worn with some festive clothes, formal and casual outfits. You could choose the single-chain anklets or the layered ones, depending on the look you are going for. Most of these anklets are plain and made of metallic chains in the simplest styles and in sterling silver, stainless steel, or gold finishes.


  1. Crystal Anklets

The crystal anklets are some of the most luxurious anklet styles, thanks to the fact that they look a lot like expensive diamond anklets. These anklets shine, and sparkle and they give whatever attire you have on a nice luxurious vibe. They cannot be worn whenever, though, and they are a preferable choice for night outs and cocktail events.

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  1. Layered Anklets

The layered anklets are the most stylish and the biggest trend on the fashion scene, but you have to be able to layer the anklets perfectly. So, even when layering, you have to be careful to match them and also keep the look simple.


  1. Beaded Anklets

These anklets are playful and casual, and though mostly colorful, you can also find them in neutral colors too. The beads are often made of materials like natural stone, crystal, resin, and even metal. The beaded anklets are ideally worn with casual summer outfits, and they are a great accessory for beach days.


  1. Beach anklets

There also are beach anklets, and these are identifiable by the fact that they are made of beach elements, as well as materials that withstand the beach and hot summers.

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  1. Simple/ Dainty Anklets

If you are into subtle, minimalist designs, opt for dainty anklets. These anklets are delicate and simple and can be worn on all kinds of occasions.

The other types of anklets include metal anklets, shell anklets, charm anklets, letters, and birthstone anklets.


The pros and cons of wearing anklets

Below are the reasons for and against wearing anklets


  • Anklets are beautiful, and they add an unmatched level of beauty to the wearer’s look
  • They are durable as they are made using some of the hardest and strongest materials and even finishes
  • They are rare
  • They have an enduring value
  • There is a good variety in terms of styles


  • They often tarnish
  • Most of the break easily
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The advent of new anklet designs that match modern trends is the top reason why the ankle bracelets remain in style to date.

There is a good variety for pretty much any look you wish to pull, and the best part is that the acceptance around anklets allows you to wear this accessory with pretty much any outfit.

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