Are 4ocean Bracelets Waterproof? (Quick Expert Answer)

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How often do you remove your favorite piece of jewelry when getting into the shower or going for a swim? I’d say seldom. Sometimes it could be because you have forgotten to do so or maybe because you are quite attached to it and wouldn’t want to lose it.

Whichever side of the spectrum you fall, you would prefer to own a waterproof bracelet. All because you want to avoid dealing with issues such as corrosion or tarnish.

Unfortunately, not all jewelry pieces that exist in the industry are water-resistant, somewhat waterproof. I mean, they could withstand a little water but, if you regularly wear them when coming into contact with water, they are likely to wear down and tarnish and could leave your skin irritated.

Here, we will look at the materials used to make 4ocean bracelets and identify their waterproof levels.


What are 4ocean bracelets made of?

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 The materials used to make a specific jewelry piece determine their durability, waterproof levels, and overall aesthetics. Every 4ocean bracelet features 95% post-consumer recycled content. The only part that’s not assembled from recycled plastics and waste is the stainless steel charm.

Post-consumer recycled material refers to everything we toss into the trash, such as aluminum cans or empty plastic bottles. These materials are collected by local recycling programs in Indonesia and shipped to various recycling facilities in China, where they are carefully sorted in bales based on the material.

The beads used to make the 4ocean bracelet are recycled in China. They are produced from 5% reclaimed ocean glass and 100% post-consumer recycled glass. The cords are made from less than 5% reclaimed ocean plastic and 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Each bracelet is then hand-assembled in Bali, Indonesia, by the local artisans who are quite skilled and professional.


Are 4ocean bracelets waterproof? Can you shower with a 4ocean bracelet?

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 Yes, 4ocean bracelets are 100% waterproof, and you can shower with them. However, you should avoid showering with them regularly. The two founding surfers wanted to make a bracelet that could be worn in the ocean to remind its wearers of the need for environmental conservation.

As mentioned earlier, they feature a stainless steel charm and are manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic and glass. All these materials are waterproof. Stainless steel resists corrosion, which happens every time metals come into contact with water.

However, if you wear your 4ocean bracelet in the water frequently, you will notice that its color starts to fade as time goes by. In as much so, it is just part of the aging process, and you can always get another.


Are 4ocean bracelets biodegradable? 

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Biodegradable items are those that are capable of decomposition by bacteria or any other living organisms to prevent pollution. Examples of biodegradable items are plant products such as wood, rubber cotton, or leaves and things like kitchen and agricultural waste and so on. Non-biodegradable items, on the other hand, cannot be broken down, and they serve as a source of pollution.

4ocean bracelets aren’t biodegradable. Instead, they are recyclable. Because every 4ocean bracelet is made from stainless steel charms and post-consumer PET plastic and glass, which are recyclable, we can establish that all the bracelets are recyclable. For this reason, you should carefully dispose of them when you do not need them anymore.


Are 4ocean bracelets adjustable?

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 The 4ocean bracelets are one size and are indeed adjustable. Overall, the design of the 4ocean bracelet makes them versatile enough from a 2 to a 5-inch diameter, which makes them a perfect fit for men and women, both kids and adults alike.

To make your bracelet bigger, you would need to pinch the two beads towards the end then carefully pull your hands apart.  

To make the bracelet tighter, pinch the two loose cords. Afterward, pull your hands apart. However, the newest bracelets come in 4 different sizes that you can choose from and are not adjustable.


Do 4oceans bracelets break?

Yes. 4ocean bracelets are vulnerable to certain levels of force and are bound to break if you aren’t too careful.  For this reason, they come with a warranty that caters to recycling, proper disposal, and replacement.

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How long do 4ocean bracelets last?

Just like every other piece of jewelry that you may have owned, 4oceans bracelets can last you a lifetime if you take pretty good care of them. However, if you do not handle them with caution, they age faster and wouldn’t serve you as long as you would want them to.



Let’s say that 4ocean bracelets are among the few water-resistant bracelets that exist. Always remember that wearing a 4ocean bracelet identifies you as a member of the clean ocean movement.

Each bracelet you purchase funds the removal of at least a pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!