Top 6 Ankle Bracelet Rules That’ll Make You Stand Out

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If you have been looking for a great piece of accessory to put on during the summer, you should consider an ankle bracelet.

Most people looking to start wearing such pieces have a lot of questions. While some wonder whether to put it on the right or left leg, others wonder what it symbolizes.

We came up with this post to help you learn more about what the ankle bracelet means and how to wear it.

You will also learn the rules of wearing this accessory to make it stand out. Enjoy!

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Ankle bracelet rules That’ll Make You Stand Out

Ankle Bracelet Rules That’ll Make You Stand Out

An ankle bracelet is a unique accessory that can spice your ankle. In the past, ankle bracelets symbolized marital status since they were a gift to the bride from the groom.

Others believed that this accessory symbolized social status. Things have, however, changed since these pieces nowadays do not contain such symbolic meanings.

Ankle bracelets come with specific rules that every wearer should understand. To make it stand out, you should not wear it with just anything or in any setting.

Here are some of the rules that you should follow before wearing an ankle bracelet. 

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1. Decide which ankle to wear it on


In the past, people believed that women who wore an ankle bracelet on the right were prostitutes or single.

Others believed that women that wore this accessory on the left ankle were in open relationships.

Things have, however, changed with time since an ankle bracelet has lost its symbolic meaning.

You can wear this accessory on your left or right ankle based on your preference without anyone judging you.


2. Pick an appropriate setting

Ankle bracelets go well with casual wear. You should avoid wearing this accessory in a professional setting such as your workplace since it looks casual.

The main aim of wearing an ankle bracelet is to draw more attention to the legs, and you don’t want such attention in a formal setting.


Feel free to wear an ankle bracelet while heading to the beach to complete your bikini look or at a festival, or when meeting up with some friends.

This accessory is common during most summer events, such as pool parties.

If, for instance, you are going somewhere quiet such as a cemetery, hospital, or church, you should avoid wearing an ankle bracelet that makes noise to avoid annoying people.

You can wear an ankle bracelet with a casual dress, bikini, mini skirt, cropped jeans, or shorts. Avoid clothes with so many patterns as you choose the proper attire to match your ankle bracelet.


3. Choose the right footwear

Ankle Bracelet Rules That’ll Make You Stand Out

You can make your legs stand out by wearing an ankle bracelet with the right shoes. For instance, you can look for some beautiful sandals to match the accessory as you attend a party.

Elegant heels, flip flops, and loafers also go well with ankle bracelets.

Rather than clashing with your shoes, you should ensure that the ankle bracelet complements them. You can also go for a pedicure before wearing this accessory to make your legs look more beautiful.


4. Position it well

Remember to always wear an ankle bracelet on bare skin. You should never place it on top of jeans or any other pants since it can look weird.

Though some people wear ankle bracelets underneath jeans to hide them informal settings, this is not advisable since the material can damage the metal.

You should also avoid wearing an ankle bracelet with pantyhose since this can tear them.


5. Find the right size

Ankle Bracelet Rules That’ll Make You Stand Out

Ensure that the ankle bracelet fits comfortably on your ankle. It should not be very tight since it can irritate the skin, while a loose one can easily fall off, especially at the beach.

If you want to buy one for the first time, ensure you measure the size of your ankle so that you can pick one that fits you well.

You can use a measuring tape on your ankle when looking for the right fit. Add a half-inch to the size as you choose an ankle bracelet.

If you buy the wrong size of ankle bracelet or like a small-sized one, ask the jeweler if they can resize it for you.

Some add the chain links to make small ankle bracelets a bit bigger. Getting an adjustable ankle bracelet can also make it more comfortable to wear for long.

Always ensure that you fasten it securely to prevent it from falling off.

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6. Consider your style

Ankle Bracelet Rules That’ll Make You Stand Out

If you are on the search for a new ankle bracelet, you should let your style guide you to choosing the right one. The market offers different types of ankle bracelets for various customers.

If, for instance, you are more mature and want to make a style statement, you can focus on gold ankle bracelets. You can wear such a bracelet for an occasion with elegant heels.

Are you young and looking forward to going on vacation? If yes, feel free to complement your casual flip-flops with a beaded ankle bracelet. Most teenagers also love matching silver anklets with summer sandals. You can also make a club dress stand out by wearing it with beaded anklets.

If you want to add personality to an ankle bracelet, you can mix and match accessory pieces with an ankle bracelet. Some people even match ankle bracelets with a toe ring. Remember that thin ankle bracelets highlight your shoes more than thick ones.

Though a few men nowadays wear ankle bracelets, leather anklets are ideal for this gender since they bring out a touch of masculinity.



An ankle bracelet is a universal accessory that millions of people wear.

These are not exclusive to a particular group since both men and women wear them.

If you love this accessory, you have to learn how to wear it correctly.

Remember to pick the right setting, get the proper footwear and attire, wear it on bare skin, get the right size and consider your style during purchase.

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