Animal Tooth Necklace Meaning-(7 Common Animal Necklaces)

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The adorning of animal tooth necklaces can be traced back to the Stone Age, and through to the Late Iron Age and Viking Age. The type of animal tooth necklace and reason for wearing it varied among different times, groups, and cultures.

It is believed, however, that in the Stone Age, these necklaces were worn for spiritual reasons, unlike the Late Iron and Viking Ages, who wore them as symbols of status and relations.

Today, these necklaces are also worn as charms or amulets as well as, a statement about one’s personality. In this post, we’ll discuss the meanings of the 7 most common animal necklaces known today.


1.Human Tooth Necklace Meaning.

The whole idea of wearing a human tooth is seemed unfathomable and quite frankly a little creepy. It is, however, not unheard of. It can be traced back to 8,500 years ago, in places like Neolithic sites in Turkey and Italy as well as, the now Modern Greece.

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 Today, the practice continues and is popular, thanks to projects like Human Ivory. You can have your teeth or that of a loved one reinvented into a necklace or any other jewelry after a trip to the dentist.

The meaning of these types of necklaces held varied meanings for most of the different cultures. In most of them, the human tooth of a deceased was fashioned into a necklace after death and worn as a way of keeping the spirit close.

In other cultures, the necklaces symbolized the ranking of warriors, depending on the number of teeth they had on them. These were the teeth they lost in battle.

Today, however, human tooth necklaces are worn as a statement of preference. Some, however, still wear the necklace to feel close to a loved one. Mothers, for example, may turn their babies’ teeth into necklaces for keepsakes.


2.Wolf Tooth Necklace Meaning.

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 Wolves exude confidence, power, and dignity, so wolf tooth necklaces hold very deep meaning for most people. It’s no wonder it’s so popular even today.

In ancient cultures, like the Nordic culture, the wolf is seen as a spiritual guide or deity. Therefore, the wolf tooth necklaces are considered sacred and were used as amulets to protect and preserves one’s.

For astrological believers, the necklace is symbolic of the moon which has profound meaning in the astrological world.

Given the personality of the wolf, the necklace is symbolic of leadership, wisdom courage, and strength.

Some believe that by wearing the necklace you gain internal strength, confidence, and increased intuition.

Since wolves walk in packs, a group of friends or family can choose to wear the necklace as a sign of their bond and loyalty to one another.


3.Tiger Tooth Necklace Meaning.

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Given the majesty of the tiger, owning a tiger tooth necklace is, therefore, no mean fit. To understand the meaning behind it, though, you have to understand the characteristic of the tiger itself.

As a predator, the tiger doesn’t worry about being hunted. Its exhibits courage, strength, and confidence. It is never intimidated and will ferociously protect its own.

Therefore, wearing a tiger tooth necklace depicts you as a courageous and fierce protector. It means you are strong and not easily intimidated. Additionally, it means that you’re a confident yet friendly person.

For the more superstitious individuals, the tiger tooth is also a symbol of luck. It is believed to attract wealth and success to the wearer. It is also believed to protect against evil eyes, envy, and curses.

In ancient times families would hang the gold tooth necklace in their homes to attract luck and positive energy. Long-distance travelers would carry the necklace in their pockets for luck and safety.


4.Shark Tooth Necklace Meaning.

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 Today, most people wear shark tooth necklaces as trendy boho statement jewelry. In the past, however, the necklace had a significant meaning.

Among the Hawaiians, sharks used to be seen as a form of deity or embodiment of ancestors called “aumakua”. So, the people used to worship and respect it in a way.

Additionally, there is an old Hawaiian tale of a warrior who came out of water victorious after fighting a god, because of wearing a shark’s tooth.

To this day, Hawaiians wear shark tooth necklaces as a way of protecting themselves against shark attacks and other dangers in the water. This superstitious meaning is also believed by most surfers.

Surfers also wear the necklace to bring them good luck and to surf safely. The shark tooth necklace is also seen as a symbol of strength, masculinity, and potency.

It is worn as a sign of self-confidence and trust as well as a brighter fate for the wearer.


5.Lion Tooth Necklace Meaning

Wearing a lion tooth necklace carries significant meaning. In the past, the lion tooth necklace was worn by kings and high-ranking warriors, and males. This was to symbolize their authority and status in the community

Brave hunters were also known to wear the necklace after killing the beast, as a symbol of their courage and bravery. Some cultures also believed that the lion’s tooth had great medicinal value, hence was treated as a sacred object.

Today, wearing a lion tooth necklace is a symbol of power and strength. Its means you’re a strong leader who is intelligent and courageous and commands authority.

 It also means that you are a fierce protector who values honor.

 For superstitious people, it is believed that if you wear the lion tooth on a silk thread, you will be successful in everything you do.


6.Crocodile tooth necklace meaning

Crocodiles are ancient creatures that have managed to survive over millions of years. They’re normally still and blend with their environment but are also known to be aggressive. When it comes to symbolic meaning, crocodiles are seen to have unprecedented powers.

In the past, early Christians saw crocodiles as a sign of the devil. So, they would hunt them and stuff them as a symbol of capturing evil.

In some places, warriors also used crocodile skin as armor because they believed that it had the power to bestow strength and the ability to trust primal instincts.

Today, wearing a crocodile tooth necklace symbolizes longevity, strength, and power. Wearing it means you’re a composed and patient individual who is very intuitive.


7.Buffalo Tooth Necklace Meaning.

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 The Buffalo is one of the heaviest animals to exist. There different types of buffalos, that is water buffalo, cape buffalo, and white buffalo. In North America and Europe, they go by the name bison.

Regardless of their name, they are strong majestic creatures in their rights. Depending on where they are from, buffalos have varying symbolic meanings.

According to the people of Lakota, white buffalos are considered sacred creatures and a symbol of hope and good times ahead. American bison is considered a symbol of abundance and manifestation.

Among the Naga people, the buffalo tooth necklace was seen as a symbol of strength, power, and fearlessness.

The necklace was worn by Naga’s headhunters who were considered fearless, bloodthirsty fighters.

Wearing a buffalo tooth necklace today indicates walking a sacred path by honoring life in every aspect. It is believed if you meditate on the necklace, you can establish a deep connection to the earth.

By wearing the necklace, it means you’re an independent spirit with a strong character.



Believing in the meaning behind the animal tooth necklaces is more of an individual preference.

Keep in mind that most of the animal teeth used are artificial, since harming the animals is illegal.

The necklaces are therefore more of symbolic representations.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!