11 Affordable Japanese Jewelry Brands in 2024

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Are you looking for Japanese Jewelry Brands? As you know, Japan and the rest of the Asian countries are known for their culture, which includes some of the most stunning pieces of jewelry.

Japan is also one of the most industrialized countries in the world, boasting some of the biggest factories, serving pretty much all industries. And as one of the biggest economies in the world, it’s great to note that Japan has a large number of jewelry brands that sell the most stunning jewelry options, and you would be spoiled for choice.

It’s interesting to note that the Japanese fashion scene has evolved over time, and through the evolution, there the industry has grown tremendously, giving rise to numerous fashion styles, all stemming from the unique Japanese culture.

One of the things that stands out from the Japanese culture has to be the fact that the best of Japanese culture is particularly popular among young adult men along with women in the working class rather than younger women.

Yet, regardless of who buys the jewelry, Japanese jewelry is primarily known for its mind-blowing aesthetics, as well as the high level of craftsmanship for the jewelry. To enjoy the very best Japanese jewelry, you need to know which brands to buy from, and this article will help you make the right choice.  

Here, we’re sharing with you a list of the best and the most affordable Japanese jewelry brands. So, if you are interested in getting into the jewelry business but don’t know where to start in your search for suppliers or brands offering affordable and good-quality jewelry options, this guide is perfect for you.


Affordable Japanese Jewelry Brands

1. Cocoshnik


This is a newer Japanese jewelry brand that has grown really fast and is now one of the most popular jewelry brands in Japan.

The reasons for their popularity include the fact that the brand offers some of the most affordable jewelry options that are very simplistic but also elegant.

The main features of Cocoshnik jewelry collections include jewelry options made of yellow gold, made with very minimal addons or precious stones.

The jewelry designs and styles show the brands’ focus on simple designs, but with a focus on the delivery of the highest level of craftsmanship.

The brand also makes use of the most pristine techniques along with vivid colors, resulting in naturally radiant pieces of jewelry that show what the Japanese have to offer.

But not all their jewelry designs are simple; they also offer many other sophisticated jewelry options that can be worn daily and are not limited to wear on special occasions.

All these make the brand extra popular, especially among young men and women, although women in their 30s and 40s also love the brand.


2. Mikimoto

You may argue that affordable is subjective when it comes to this brand, but Mikimoto is, without a doubt, one of the biggest brand names throughout the Japanese jewelry scene. Mikimoto is known for the best of pearl jewelry.

Mikimoto was established in 1893 by Mikimoto Kokichi, and this was after the successful creation of the world’s first cultured pearl.

While the brand has revolutionized the way they do things to ensure the best pearls and to meet/ stay on top of the changing fashions scene, Mikimoto remains committed to the creation of the best pearl jewelry.

The brand prides itself in some of the world’s most radiant pearls and, subsequently, the most stunning pearl necklaces.

And thanks to their best efforts, Mikimoto is now the largest pearl and pearl jewelry supplier throughout Japan and the rest of the world.

The rise to the top results has been made possible by the fact that Mikimoto is committed to the creation of the best quality pearls, with a focus on elements like the luster, color, size, shape, and also the thickness of the pearl’s nacre.

They also understand and make it clear to their clients that no two pearls are ever the same, even if the pearls are obtained from the same species of mollusks from the same sea.

And for Mikimoto jewelry, the brand makes use of the finest-quality pearls meeting the highest and strictest standards of quality.

But only 10% of their pearls are tested, and only the Akoya cultured pearls with the best luster and the best quality standards receive the illustrious Mikimoto Pearl name attached to them.

Despite this, there are more affordable pearls and pearl jewelry options offered by the Mikimoto brand.



Tasaki is much younger than the Mikimoto brand, but it is the other big Japanese brand dealing in the best of pearls and pearl jewelry.

Tasaki was founded in 1970, and it went on to be the world’s first brand to farm the unique, brown-lipped pearl oysters, an invention that makes Tasaki among the biggest brands on the jewelry market in Japan and also in the world pearls market/ industry.

Tasaki focuses on rare pearls, as well as rare precious stones.

The brand also believes in the best of aesthetics, and they hold a deep belief in the fact that Japan boasts some of the most beautiful seascapes and landscapes.

Their elegant and subtle pearls, therefore, embody the beauty of Japan. The brand also prides itself in the use of the most advanced polishing techniques for diamonds.

The Tasaki brand deals in Akoya pearls, Tahitian Pearls, South Sea pearls, Baroque Pearls, as well as Mabe pearls, all of which meet the strictest standards for quality.


4. Belpearl

Founded in 1933, Belpearl is the other popular jewelry brand that is based in Japan.

The company started out as a merchant brand for pearls and precious stones, but soon after formation, they slowly diversified thanks to their connections with different pearl traders based in the Far East, which led to the establishment of the Belpearl brand in Kobe, Japan.

Today, Belpearl specializes in pearl jewelry and pearls. The location of the brand’s headquarters, Kobe, is an important part of their legacy, and to show this, the brand’s signature pearl jewerly collection is the Kobe Collection.

It’s also worth noting that Belpearl sources their pearls from the best pearl farms of the world, and they also involve pearl experts for the stringing of the pearls together.

They also offer customization options that ensure the expression of individuality and the wearer’s elegance. So, you will find that some of their pearl jewelry options feature diamond paving.


5. Agete

Agate represents the brand of new-age Japanese jewelry brand, and for this reason, the brand is very popular among the Japanese youth.

Agete’s jewelry designs are stylish, with an emphasis on modern aesthetics – this is because Agete’s philosophy for their jewelry designs emphasizes Retro, yet Modern; Classic, yet fashionable.

So, while Agete boasts some of the most simplistic jewelry designs that can be worn in more conservative work settings, they also offer Bohemian-Style jewelry styles.  

So, if you are looking for a Japanese jewelry brand dealing in the best of bold gemstone jewelry in multiple colors and in 14k or 18k gold, Agete could be the ideal brand to consider.

Besides pearls and gold, Agete also uses turquoise stones and gold-plated pieces of jewelry for the best modern and chic jewelry designs that are affordable and have a universal appeal.



Founded in 2011, Kataoke is one of the most experienced gold jewelry brands, as Kataoke prides itself on having at least 25 years of goldsmithing experience.

The company is based in Tokyo, and they offer small but also the finest quality gold jewelry.

The design element that the brand is known for is the use of milgrain edges, custom-blend gold, and innovative diamond settings and cuts.

If you are looking for subtle and small jewelry designs that appeal to a specific audience, Kataoke would be a good brand to buy from.


7. OZ Abstract

OZ Abstract is the brand you shop jewelry from if you are looking for the best Japanese accessory designer.

The company was formed in 2004, and it’s focused on plain-colored rock and gothic jewelry in some of the most shocking designs.

These jewelry designs are inspired by urban culture, the mid-evil era, fantasy monsters, music, as well as metal-goth aesthetics.

Their designs are intricate, and every piece of jewelry is made of high-quality materials because they never compromise on the quality of jewelry, which is why the brand is known for setting industry standards.



Fujimori opened its doors in 1970, and the brand has grown rapidly since it started.

This jewelry brand specializes in playful and abstract jewelry designs that skillfully merge the classic with the contemporary designs, hence the unique piece of jewelry that is appealing to many jewelry lovers.

Their collections are charming and beautiful, but they also have a curious appeal thanks to the eye-catching colors and contours.

In other words, Fujimori offers an array of playful, eclectic, and modern jewelry designs that are appealing to the youth.

Now, to ensure the best quality jewelry, Fujimori uses carefully selected and the highest quality materials for their jewelry designs, then employs the most talented artisans for the creation of the most unique and creative pieces of jewelry.


Other brands include:

Niwaka– this brand is more than 1200 years old, and their jewelry pieces feature elegant and ancient elements that reflect Kyoto’s heritage. The quality of their jewelry is great, and the brand is ideally the best brand of fine Japanese jewelry that focuses on leasing a new life to the traditional Japanese designs.

StarJewelry– this is the other brand of high-end jewelry that boasts the widest variety of jewelry that appeals to the younger audience thanks to their affordability and feminine and stylish designs. Their jewelry designs are also quite fashionable, and they offer multiple stylish designs.

4Jewelry – 4℃ Jewelry also appeals to the younger audience thanks to their simple, beautiful, and affordable jewelry options that reflect the wearer’s true beauty. Their jewelry is also elegant and can be worn to work or to casual settings.




If you are looking for affordable jewelry brands based in Japan, these are the best brand options for you to choose from. Some of these brands are not the cheapest, but you are guaranteed the best deals.

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