What Does It Mean When A Woman Plays With Her Necklace?

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Body language is interesting to figure out, but it can also be confusing.

Reading the intentions of somebody through their body gestures, vocal inflections, facial expressions, and pacifying movements can tell you plenty of information about a person’s state at that moment.

One of these elements is the tendency of women to play around with their necklaces when interacting with you or other people.


Playing with the necklace and body language

what does it mean when a woman plays with her necklace

Body language elements can be more common among women compared to men, and others are more common in men than women. Most of the subtle cues in the behaviors of men and women can be affected by environment, cultural norms, and socialization, as well as some hardwired behaviors.

When bringing this knowledge to the body language of playing with necklaces, therefore, it is not just women who do it – and neither are other cues associated with female behavior such as adjusting outfits, playing with hair, or fidgeting.

While most people will assume these actions as being “female”, men can do them as well, although the exact movements of these actions may vary between the sexes.

what does it mean when a woman plays with her necklace

Additionally, your gender can also play a role in how you interpret body language cues when you see them.

For instance, a set of recent studies revealed that women tend to exhibit better recognition of negative emotions like fear and anger, while men were better at recognizing emotions such as happiness.


What does it mean when a woman plays with her necklace?

When you see a woman playing with her necklace, this is usually a sign that she likes you and is flirting – although this may also not prove true in all cases. Sometimes it may be due to other reasons, such as:

what does it mean when a woman plays with her necklace

  1. A subconscious behavior that she has, so she may be unaware that she is doing it
  2. Anxiety or fear, as well as any other mental illness. In this instance, fiddling with her necklace or other jewelry could be a coping mechanism to help her relax.
  3. She does not trust you and wants to protect herself since the neck is a vulnerable part of the body. This could mean she is offended or nervous as well.
  4. She feels comfortable with you, and you could be close.

What Does It Mean When A Woman Plays With Her Necklace

Therefore, do not place much stake in non-verbal communication as a way to find out whether a woman likes you or is flirting with you – you would rather ask them directly to confirm any suspicions.

There is no need to strain yourself in reading people, as it can be a sign of attraction or being excited or nervous.


When does a woman play with her earrings?

what does it mean when a woman plays with her necklace

Playing with earrings is the same as playing with necklaces and other jewelry, so you can infer the same reasons including nervousness, fear, subconscious tendencies, or flirting. Therefore, it is better to ask a woman directly whether she likes you or not, as playing with jewelry is not a clear sign.

Generally, you should observe other tendencies that the woman shows, as this will tell you more information on whether the woman likes you. The subtle signs to look out for alongside playing with earrings or jewelry include:

What Does It Mean When A Woman Plays With Her Necklace

Strong Eye contact

What we mean here is consistent and very focused eye contact, not just regular eye contact.

This will signal that she is interested in you because you have grabbed her attention in some way.

You might also notice her eyes smiling at you.

what does it mean when a woman plays with her necklace

Closing physical distance

When a lady likes you, she tends to move physically closer to you as a sign that she wants to get close to you emotionally.

This can be through leaning closer to you across a table, standing near you, and leaning in when you talk to hear what you are saying.

What Does It Mean When A Woman Plays With Her Necklace

Playful touching

It is not just men who touch women they like to show affection, because women can do it as well.

You can miss it because it is not aggressive, and can show in behaviors such as touching your hair, muscles, or arm while talking.

On the other hand, a woman will never touch anyone she does not like – so if she avoids doing so with you, touching her jewelry will mean something else than liking you.



When you notice a girl smiling at you frequently, whether it is when she sees you from afar, when you ask to take her out on a date, or talks to you, this is a strong sign that she likes you and wants to hear more of what you say.

If you like her back, it is also quite natural to crack jokes with her, so watch her response – if she still laughs or smiles throughout, despite your attempts at humor falling flat, that is a strong sign that she genuinely likes you.

what does it mean when a woman plays with her necklace

Undivided attention

Alongside steady eye contact comes the sign of a woman giving you undivided attention if she likes you.

You will see it easily because she will not look at her phone or other people; instead, you feel heard by her.


Looking at your lips

There is no reason why a woman will look at your lips, other than desiring to kiss you – and that tension can be unbearable, especially when it happens frequently.

You may spot her looking between your lips and eyes, shifting her gaze between them.

what does it mean when a woman plays with her necklace

Drawing attention to her lips

A lady can also want to be kissed or touched, so she may draw attention to her lips in subtle ways.

For instance, she may touch her lips, apply lipstick or lick them, nibble or bite her lower lip gently, or smack them together.


Open body language

Both men and women do this, so you can tell that a lady likes you if she shows open body language signs like crossing or uncrossing her legs towards you, keeping her arms on her sides, a straight body posture, looking into your eyes directly, and not flinching when you touch her.

What Does It Mean When A Woman Plays With Her Necklace


Playing with jewelry is a common behavioral trait in women, and it tends to be subconscious.

However, it may mean several things, so the best way to know the exact meaning is to look for additional signs and ask her directly to get her answer.

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