A Quick Guide on How To Ship Necklaces Without Tangling

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Being in the industry, you must understand how important presentation is when it comes to selling jewelry. Customers are attracted to what they see and expect to get what they see when they buy the jewelry.

But a lot can go wrong during shipping if proper care is not taken, especially with necklaces. They tend to get easily tangled up especially if moved around a lot without packing them properly.

It is important to find a way to ship your necklaces in such a way that they are not tangled and even worse damaged. So, in this article we will show you the different ways to pack your necklaces for shipping, while still appearing professional.


How To Package Necklaces For Shipping?

How to ship necklaces without tangling

There is nothing worse than a customer complaining about their necklaces arriving in bad conditions. Not only does it look unprofessional on your end but also could cost you your client and the many potential clients they would have brought to the table.

So, you must understand the importance of taking care while shipping. The key thing, in this case, is packing. It shouldn’t just be about being professional but also being safe. The following are some safe and professional ways to package your necklace for shipping without them tangling:

Single jewelry boxes.

If you specialize in luxury jewelry, then you’ll be smart to invest in individual jewelry boxes that hold one piece at a time.

If you are simply a retail jeweler of expensive brands, then better yet keep them stored in the boxes they came in.

Not only does it help with credibility but it also ensures that the necklaces will get to your client safe and sound.

How to ship necklaces without tangling

Jewelry rolls.

Jewelry rolls come in handy when you are looking for a cheaper alternative. While the single jewelry boxes are efficient, they can be too expensive, especially if you are shipping multiple necklaces to the same address.

The rolls offer you compartmentalization without compromising on professionalism. You can easily find them on online platforms for the low process if you buy them at wholesale price.

They can also be complementaries to your clients that they can later use to store and travel with the necklaces. It’s a win-win that keeps you in your clients’ good books.

How to ship necklaces without tangling

Cotton-filled boxes.

Jewelry boxes and rolls may be a bit expensive especially if you are not selling luxury jewelry. A cheaper alternative is to make boxes with cardboard and line them up with cotton.

You can place the front of the necklace on top of the cotton and tack the rest of the chain below the cotton. Be careful not to tangle the chain while tucking it in.

Also, ensure there is enough cotton in the box to keep the necklace from moving around during shipment. It is best suited for chunkier chains that won’t disappear in the cotton and are dense enough not to move around easily.

How to ship necklaces without tangling


These can be cardboard cards with two punched holes. You can thread each necklace through its card and let it hang separately. If you are smart, you could use your business cards instead.

Not only will it keep the necklace from tangling, but it is also cheap and convenient advertising. The business cards will also authenticate that the necklaces are in fact from you.

You can place the cards and necklace in separate pouches or zip lock bags as a cheaper alternative and stack them up for shipping. It is most suitable for dainty necklaces.

How to ship necklaces without tangling

Bubble wrap.

Bubble wraps are essential for shipping not just because they are waterproof, but also because they are shockproof. This makes them perfect for shipping your soft stones and metals.

So, in incase the package is dropped or endures an impact during shipping, there won’t be any damage suffered. You can wrap your necklaces individually with bubble wrap. You can add extra bubble wrap to secure the shipment box you place them in.



You may not be able to control what happens during shipment, but by proper packaging, you can minimize the chances of the necklaces getting damaged before they reach their destination.

You can use any one of the tips given here are even combine multiple of them just to be safe.

Also, ensure that the packages are properly sealed, you wouldn’t want the necklaces to be lost in transit.

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