A Guide on How to Clean Oxidized Pandora Bracelet

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Choosing the right Cartier bracelet is a necessary yet challenging process that you have to engage in because even just one wrong move would mean risking your money.

Despite your best efforts, your Pandora bracelet will be oxidized, and it will turn black, so you must learn ways of maintaining its shine in the long run. After all, it might not be enough to polish the bracelet. You have to clean it well, using the right products to sparkle and last long.

Understandably, you may be frustrated that your expensive bracelet by Pandora is turning black after only a few months. But just know that you are not alone, and pretty much everyone with a Pandora bracelet will experience the same thing too. All you need to do is find the best ways of keeping it clean and things you could do to stop the bracelet from tarnishing.

Before we look at the cleaning tips, however, let’s first take a look at the reasons why your Pandora bracelet has turned black.


Why does your Pandora bracelet get oxidized? Is it normal?

How to clean oxidized Pandora bracelet

How to clean oxidized Pandora bracelet

For starters, yes, it is normal for a Pandora bracelet to be oxidized and turn black. We explain why silver jewelry turns black?

And two, it happens because the bracelet is made of sterling silver, which tarnishes over time, albeit naturally. In other words, there isn’t much you can do to stop the bracelet from tarnishing.

You could, however, slow down the tarnishing rate by preventing the jewelry from getting in contact with things that may further speed up tarnishing, for example, salty air, perfume, hairspray, skin creams, acidic pH, and chlorine, among others.

And so, the rate of oxidation and the level of tarnishing will depend on how well you care for the bracelet in the presence of water or liquids that may react with sterling silver.

And as mentioned above, sterling silver tarnishes naturally upon exposure to oxygen, so some jewelry manufacturers will add a layer of plated rhodium to the sterling silver while new to prevent tarnishing.

Rhodium is a durable precious metal that belongs in the Platinum metal group. It doesn’t wear out quickly and prevents the sterling silver underneath from getting tarnished.


How to clean oxidized Pandora bracelet

So, how do you clean the oxidized Pandora bracelet?


Method 1 – Clean the bracelet with warm water and mild soap

In this method, you need to add some drops of very mild soap or dishwashing liquid or any other mild soap detergent into a bowl of warm water.

Then put the jewelry in the water before taking a soft-bristled toothbrush, dipping it in the solution, then use it to brush the bracelet in a smooth, circular motion gently. If this doesn’t bring back the bright sparkle of sterling silver, soak the bracelet in soapy water for about 10 minutes.

And finally, clean the bracelet. The soft-bristled brush or soft cotton cloth should do the trick. And once it is done, you should rinse the bracelet under warm, running water. Keep the drain plugged, just in case.

Once all the soap is out, pat it dry on a soft cotton cloth, then store it in the jewelry box or pouch.

In most cases, the warm or lukewarm water and dishwashing detergent mix are enough to clean the pandora jewelry and restore the shine of the jewelry.


Method 2 – Cleaning kits

But there are instances where you will need a little more help, where the sterling silver and other jewelry cleaning kits and products come in.

Pandora, for example, sells their jewelry which comes with the cleaning kit incorporated.

This cleaning kit features a cleaning solution, polishing cloth, brush, etc. These cleaning kits also come with instructions for use, but in most cases, cleaning the sterling silver pieces is as easy as dipping the bracelet in the cleaning solution for a few minutes, using the brush to remove stubborn stains and tarnish, and also to reach the deep-seated nooks and crannies that harbor bacteria, gunk, and grime.

After rinsing it as per the instructions provided – often using warm, running water, you will pat dry the bracelet on a soft cloth. And for an extra shine, use the polishing cloth. The polishing cloth removes any remaining layer of tarnish, and it leaves the bracelet looking as good as new.

Note that you could also use the polishing cloth to gently clean and shine the bracelet when it is lightly tarnished.

The polishing cloth often comes with the cleaning cloth as a kit, and the kit offers an easy and reliable way for you to get rid of the layer of tarnish on the bracelet.

The cloth has a 2-cloth design, and tarnish removal from the bracelet doesn’t involve the use of liquids, although you need to rub the cleaning agent on the cloth.

The cleaning agent includes an anti-tarnish barrier that you will use on your jewelry to clean it. And after you’re satisfied, you’ll need to buff it using the second cloth. This will get rid of all the black layers of tarnish, leaving you with a gleaming bracelet.


Method 3 – White Distilled Vinegar with Baking Soda

How to clean oxidized Pandora bracelet

You could also create a sterling silver cleaning solution by mixing 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 cup vinegar. Then soak your jewelry in this solution for about 5-10 minutes.

This mixture should dissolve all the tarnish. And then, you can rinse it with water, pat it dry, then store it. In some cases, however, soaking may not be enough, and you may have to use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth or even a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean it well and restore the shine of the sterling silver.


Tips for storing your Pandora bracelet when you do not wear it

  1. Store the bracelet in an anti-tarnish pouch. This might be the bracelet that came in, although you could buy one online. These tarnish-free pouches are made with materials and components that prevent tarnish buildup on the Pandora bracelet.
  2. Store the bracelet in a Pandora jewelry box, and include an anti-tarnish strip for an extra layer of protection.
  3. Seal the jewelry in a Ziploc bag. This keeps out air, moisture,  and chemicals that may speed up the rate of tarnishing for the Pandora jewelry.
  4. At the end of the day, taking good care of your Pandora jewelry means protecting your investment. And in most cases, this means not sleeping in your jewelry, storing them in the jewelry box rather than tossing them on the nightstand at the end of the day. You should also avoid showering with your jewelry on.
  5. And because you spent substantial money on the bracelet, you should follow the steps above to ensure it always looks great and lasts long.



While the black layer of tarnish that builds up on your sterling silver jewelry is annoying, and you may even feel like you wasted all your money, it is a natural process.

It is reversible, though, and you don’t have to do anything expensive to restore the shine of the jewelry – just clean it gently, and it will be as good as new.

And the best part is that you only need to do that to keep the jewelry in good condition for many years to come.

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