What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry? Is it Real Gold? – Quick Answer in 2024

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You’ve probably come across the 825 stamp on your jewelry, especially if you are keen on the authenticity of your jewelry. But do you know what this stamp means on your gold jewelry?

Is gold jewelry with the 825 stamp real gold? Does this stamp make the jewelry different from other kinds of gold jewelry?

What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry?

And most importantly, should you buy the jewelry with the 825 stamp on them?


What does 825 mean on jewelry?

The 825 stamp on jewelry is one of the uncommon symbols used on jewelry, and it’s also not talked about as much as other versions of gold.

But what you should know about the 825 stamp on jewelry is that this is the hallmark used to identity pieces of jewelry made of real gold.

825 gold is specifically 19k pure gold, which means that this version of gold is as close to the real deal as it gets, and it’s one of the purer versions of gold used in making jewelry.

 What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry

Generally, jewelers use the 3-digit marks to represent the purity level of gold because the three digits are often the best representations of the purity level of gold.

So, while 14k gold means 14 parts of pure gold, there is a possibility that the percentage purity indicated might be inaccurate, which means that the best way of identifying the actual percentage of gold would be through the use of the 3-digit system.

What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry?

With this system, the exact details of the jewelry, like the percentage purity, is more accurate. In the case of 825 gold, the number 825 means that the gold contains 82.5% of pure gold, which translates to at least 82% pure gold.

So, in comparison to the standard marks used to identify gold, the use of the 3-digit system means a more accurate representation of the jewelry’s percentage purity. And if you are wondering if 825 gold is real, the answer is yes.


Is it Real Gold? 825 Gold?

 What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry

As mentioned above, the presence of 82.5% pure gold in jewelry with the 825 hallmark means that the piece of jewelry is made of 82.5% pure gold, translating to authentic gold jewelry with a high percentage of pure gold, at least 82%.

825 gold is, in other words, high-quality gold or 19k gold. The only reason why this might be the first time you are hearing about 825 gold has to do with the fact that the 19k gold is relatively uncommon in the jewelry world. There is a lot more 18k gold and 20k gold than there is 19k gold.

So, in as much as 19k or 825 gold isn’t typical among jewelers, the 825 marking on the jewelry represents real, high purity gold jewelry. To be sure about the quality of the 19k gold, get the jeweler test and verify the purity level of the gold.


Can white gold be marked 825?

 What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry

Yes, 825 is the other authenticity mark that is used to identify and showcase 825 gold or 19k gold.

Since it’s used to indicate the purity of pure gold in different kinds of jewelry, you can and will find 825 white gold jewelry on the jewelry scene.

825 is a little-known hallmark sign for gold, but what you need to know about this version of white gold is that it would be a lot softer than 18k white gold.

What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry?

However, thanks to the rhodium plating, 825 white gold not only exists but is a bit more durable and can handle daily wear.

Just be careful not to damage the ring, which pretty much means that you should not wear the 19k white gold jewelry if you will be in contact with hard surfaces, for example, when working out. This piece of fine jewelry needs a little more care and attention.


Does 825 stand for gold or silver on a ring?

 What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry

The 825 hallmark on jewelry shows that the piece of jewelry in question is made of real gold and that it is a 19k piece of gold jewelry with 19 out of 24 parts of pure gold, hence 82.5% real gold.

The use of the three digits, as is the case with 925 silver, is an important indicator of the actual percentage purity of the gold in the jewelry.

So, in the same way, that 925 sterling silver represents 92.5% pure silver in sterling silver, 825 gold refers to pieces of jewelry with 82.5% pure gold.

It’s also important to note that 825 is a hallmark that is used and only associated with gold rather than silver jewelry.

What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry?

In the silver jewelry world, the 925 or .925 mark represents the content of silver in sterling silver.

Note that the use of the three-digit hallmarks represents the percentage purity of the precious metal in question, out of 1000 parts. So, in 825 gold, it’s 825 parts out of 1000 parts of pure gold, which means that 175 parts from this gold is made of other metal alloys like copper, silver, zinc, nickel, etc.


Is jewelry marked with 825 worth anything?

Yes. 825 gold used in jewelry is quite valuable thanks to the high percentage of pure gold.

To determine the value of the 19k or 825 gold, you only need to determine the weight of the gold in your 825 jewelry, then find the spot price of gold for the day, then determine the value of the gold.

The good news is that 82.5% of pure gold in the jewelry will translate to more value for the gold in the jewelry.

 What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry

Pros and cons of jewelry marked with 825


  • It’s valuable
  • Versatile and elegant jewelry
  • Good quality gold jewelry


  • Expensive
  • Fewer gold jewelry on the market with the 825 mark
  • A lot of confusion regarding the precious metals that make up 825 gold jewelry

What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry?

Should you buy jewelry marked with 825?

If you are looking for high-quality gold jewelry, preferably something different from what’s offered on the market currently, but not 20k or 22k gold, then 19k or 825 gold would be a great option for you.

However, you need to be extra careful when buying this kind of jewelry unless you are buying the jewelry from an experienced jeweler.

What Does 825 Mean on Jewelry?

The reason for this is that despite it being one of the high-quality versions of gold jewelry, it is not the most popular option, and you may have to work with a jeweler directly to get a piece of 19k or 825 gold made. Most jewelers deal with 750 or 18k gold, which means that you should be more careful when looking for 19k gold jewelry.

At the same time, you need to make sure that you get gold rather than silver jewelry because most people associate 825 with silver jewelry and not gold jewelry.



The 825 hallmark on jewelry refers to gold jewelry containing 825 parts pure gold or 19k gold. It is one of the least popular types of gold, valuable, and an excellent option of gold jewelry for anyone looking for unique fine jewelry.

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