5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette You Should Know

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Jewelry offers the best way for couples to commemorate all the time they have spent with each other and all the love they’ve shared over the years.

For married couples, an anniversary ring offers the best way to celebrate. And today, most married couples steadily celebrate their years together with anniversary rings.

Today, the anniversary rings have replaced more of the traditional anniversary gifts such as paper, especially in the first years of marriage.

And though some people may not think much about celebrating the 5th year of marriage, it is a big deal, mainly because the first years of marriage (1-5) are the most challenging.

With this in mind, investing in a 5-year anniversary ring is quite important, and you only need to make sure that you get the perfect ring to celebrate, not to mention finding the best way to celebrate the important day.

Below, we’ll talk a little more about the benefits of the 5-year anniversary ring.


Why should you give a 5-year anniversary ring?

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

1. First, it is an important celebration because, at the 5-year mark, many couples have successfully moved past the marriage’s honeymoon phase.

Also, couples who’ve surpassed the 5-year mark no longer find themselves immune to their partners’ peculiarities and idiosyncracies as they will have, at this point, discovered the real side of their perfect and also learned the fact that their partners are not perfect.

And so, by infinite grace and a lot of patience, the marriage getting to the 5-year mark means that it has grown and can grow beyond the first 5 years.

So, the personality traits that made your partner the odd duck no longer matter and are much more endearing.

At the 5-year mark, the anniversary ring offers the perfect way of showing your partner that you are passionate about who they are and that your love has not only waned but also flourished.

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

2. The 5-year anniversary ring means that the couple has surpassed and achieved several other milestones, including having babies and buying or living in a new home, which are worth celebrating. The ring will perfectly symbolize your enduring love for each other.


3. Besides all the great achievements, the 5-year anniversary celebration ring is a great and fun way to shake things up a bit.

So, since the bride’s been wearing the wedding and anniversary rings for years, one more ring at the 5-year mark means she gets something extra shiny to celebrate the new achievements. The ring will also remind her of their special love every time she looks at the ring.

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

4. The 5-year anniversary ring is also important, especially for married couples with kids who walk around with the added pressure of making sure that their kids are learning all the important things they need to learn to be successful.

Thinking of the kids and marriage life, and the fact that they have successfully gone through all that and not messed up, is completely worth celebrating, and the ring is an excellent form of celebration.

The 5-year celebratory sapphire ring set on gold reminds the couple that their marriage is just as precious, if not more precious.

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

5. Lastly, the 5-year anniversary celebratory ring is also important because it means you love your spouse. She deserves the very best, something magnificent to remind her how much she means to you.


5-year anniversary ring etiquette – How to choose?

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

So, how do you choose the perfect anniversary ring for your spouse?


1. Choose the right anniversary ring

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

The first thing you need to do when choosing an anniversary ring would be making sure that the anniversary ring is made of the standard, celebratory 5-year mark.

In this case, the ring is a sapphire gemstone anniversary ring. This ring is not only very eye-catching and elegant but also very durable.

Beyond its beauty, sapphires are symbolic, and they represent loyalty and truth, which is why the sapphire ring is the perfect ring for celebrating your first major wedding anniversary.


2. Choose the precious metals to match the ring

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

Now that you know which gemstone is perfect for celebrating the 5-year anniversary of your marriage, it’s time to choose the right metal for the ring.

While you could ask your partner about her preferences and no real rules govern your selections, choose a precious stone like platinum, palladium, or white gold.

The style of the ring is also important, as is the setting and the cut of the ring, which is why you may want to talk to your spouse first, but don’t be too direct about it, especially if you are planning to make it a surprise.

Alternatively, you could learn more from the jewelry options she already wears and her preferred style.


3. Contrast or Match the anniversary ring with the engagement and wedding jewelry

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

Again, for this, you will be guided by your partner’s style or the jewelry styles she prefers.

The anniversary ring style that works for you could easily be one of the styles she spoke about or liked when searching for your wedding or engagement rings.

For a ring with contrasting features, make sure that the ring is stunning and one that suits her style.

Also, think of how she would love to wear the ring on its own or stacked alongside her engagement and wedding rings.

To be on the safe side, however, you may want to match the rings.


4. Talk to your partner

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

If you are unsure about the exact features of the ring you’d like to buy her for the anniversary celebrations, you should always tell your partner.

At this point, you may know her well, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot ask her what her preferences are.


How to wear the anniversary ring

5-Year Anniversary Ring Etiquette

There are no clear rules on which finger you should wear your anniversary ring, and you can wear it on the right or the left hand.



Now that you know what ring to get for your 5-year wedding anniversary, not to mention why it is important, go ahead and get her the very best anniversary ring you can find.

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