4 Problems with Titanium Rings(Read before Buy)

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Titanium is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional metals when it comes to rings for various reasons. It is lightweight, extremely strong, and quite durable, making it the go-to metal for those who aren’t keen on ritualistic maintenance of the jewelry. However, not everything about titanium is good; there are some drawbacks to purchasing titanium rings. Let’s dive in.


4 Problems with Titanium Rings

1. It is cheap

Titanium is currently the seventh most abundant metal on the planet. It is, therefore, far from being a precious metal. The value of it per pound is $11. For an ounce of gold, you have to part with almost $1,000 and twice that for platinum.

The reason why you’ll find it priced higher than other common metals in the market is that the extracting process from the ore is lengthy and complicated. However, when you need to resell a titanium ring, it will cost next to nothing even if it is in relatively new condition.

If you’re looking to have an heirloom, a ring that you can pass down for generations, the titanium is not the metal you should be looking at.

It will maintain its luster longer than gold or platinum that needs to get polished periodically, but it won’t be worth much. Thus, there is no prestige in owning a titanium ring. If you’ve purchased a wedding band, then you’re likely going to have to stick with it and not hand it down to your children.


2.Largely impossible to resize

The size of your finger will change over time. It could get larger or smaller, and titanium cannot accommodate that. If your finger gets too small or too big, you’ll have to part ways with the ring and purchase another one. The reason for that is they are tough to work with. Jewelers can’t resize the ring once it stops fitting.

The reason for that is that titanium rings come in one block of metal. They are cut from a larger piece of metal and shaped into place.

When resizing other metal rings, you’re able to meet them and mold them into place. One cannot do that with titanium because of its extremely high melting point. The only time they can do a resizing is that if you want it enlarged. They will shave off the inside of the ring, but only to a certain point. If it still doesn’t fit, then you’re not in luck.

That makes it less appealing when compared to gold or platinum, which can get soldered and sized easily. It’s not just in resizing.

Even when you want to change the centerpiece, you can efficiently work with the prong to replace the centerpiece. For titanium, you won’t be able to do that. For that reason, it is thus not uncommon to find titanium rings with gemstones that have prongs made out of a different metal as they are easier to work with.


3.Problematic during emergencies

There is a myth that has been making rounds that, in the event of an emergency, the medics will have to cut off your finger because a titanium ring is impossible to cut through. Well, this is untrue. It is accurate that it is difficult to cut through as with other metals, and there is a need for something more heavy-duty. The medics will have to use a bolt cutter instead to get the job done.

Other methods used to cutting off other metals would otherwise take a much longer time. In an emergency, time is indeed of the essence, and it can be problematic if the hospital doesn’t have a bold cutter at hand in the emergency or operating room. Read the details and some solution post here


4. It can scratch and dent

There is a misconception about titanium’s ability to scratch or bend because of how strong it is. That is not the reality on the ground. It will not scratch or dent as quickly as gold, silver, or other metals, but it can still scratch when you apply more force and pressure on it.

You can be carefree about wearing a titanium ring, but you have to remember handling heavy equipment, and subjecting the ring to constant hits will eventually cause the titanium to tarnish. It is thus not tarnish-free as it is marketed to be.


Should I buy a titanium ring?

Here, the answer would be ‘it depends.’ If you’re looking for something of value that you will be both proud of and willing to pass down to generations to come, then titanium is not for you. It has become an inexpensive way for couples to get their hands on wedding bands that are aesthetically pleasing, but the fact remains that it’s not a precious metal.


Advantages of titanium rings

Not are things are bleak when it comes to purchasing titanium jewelry. Let’s look at the good you stand to gain when you own a titanium ring.

As stated, titanium rings have gained in popularity over the decades for various reasons. One of those is the lightweight nature of it. You can wear a ring and almost forget that it’s there because of how comfortable they are.

Titanium also still looks great over the years. Though it will tarnish at some point, it takes a lot longer than gold, silver platinum when it comes to always looking new.

You don’t have to recoat it either as you would have to with white gold. The other aspect that makes titanium versatile is that you can color it whatever color you choose. You will have to recoat at some point, but no other metal gives you this much freedom.

The other advantage of the titanium metal is that it is hypoallergenic. You don’t have to worry about your skin reacting with the metal. If you know you have an issue with most metals, white gold included, you can turn to titanium with the assurance that it’s safe to wear.



Titanium is popular, but it’s essential to know the drawbacks to avoid being carried away with marketing that overpraises the metal.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!