3 Online Companies Offers Cartier Authentication Service

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Every lover of designer jewelry is familiar with Cartier jewelry. Given its high quality, Cartier pieces are high, which is why, unfortunately, there are countless counterfeit pieces in the market.

While some knock-offs are easy to pick out, some counterfeits are almost identical to the authentic pieces.

That is why you would need the help of reputable and professional jewelers who can verify the authenticity of a Cartier piece with full certainty.

In this post, we’ll share with you three top companies that offer Cartier authentication services.


3 Online Companies Offers Cartier Authentication Service

Legit Check

Legit Check by Ch is among the most renowned company that many people use for authenticating their luxury brand pieces including Cartier jewelry. It is often described as the Wikipedia of authentication, given its vast library of ‘fake vs. real’ guides. These guides cover everything from sneakers, jewelry to clothes and bags among other designer items.

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To have your Cartier pieces authenticated by the company, first, you would need to place an order for the Legit Check White glove authentication service. Here is where you send close-up photos of your Cartier piece, along with detailed information concerning your purchase. Once that is done an authenticator will be assigned to your order.

They will analyze the fine details of your piece and send you an email with your authentication status and a report with an average of 5 reasons or more of their verdict, within 48 hours. In the case your Cartier piece is fake, Legit Check by Ch can help you get a refund with their Certificate of Authenticity.

In terms of pricing, the company has a one-off service rate of $50 for authenticating Cartier pieces. You, however, have the option of joining the Legit Check Club and pay 20% less than non-members as well as, priority when handling orders.

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For club members, the most popular plan is the high-end designer plan. With this plan, you pay $24.99/month and get 1 free authentication per month, one for streetwear items and another for high-end designer items.

In case you would require a Certificate of Authentication, you would need to pay an extra $60 for it. To ensure you can trust their services, Legit Check also offers a 100% full refund for the money paid for their service, if they are unable to verify authenticity.


Bloomsbury Manor

If you are looking for a free option, then Bloomsbury manor is a great choice for you. Unlike Legit Check, Bloomsbury does not only specialize in offering authentication services.

cartier authentication service

They are also reputable sellers and buyers of not only Cartier but Tiffany Co. pieces. You can therefore be sure that they are qualified to authenticate Cartier pieces. They also have a website where they are constantly posting content on jewelry authentication.

To have your Cartier piece authenticated, you simply have to fill a form that is available on their website. The form requires personal details like your name, and email address, along with a detailed description of your jewelry piece. It takes about 48 hours after submitting the form to get a report from Bloomsbury Manor.

The service is free of charge. You also have the option of selling your piece to them for up to 20% more than the high street retail price, if your piece happens to be authentic.

What’s more, they could also offer advice for the best price for your item, if they are not in the position to buy it.


Real Authentication

If you want your Cartier jewelry piece assessed fast, then you should opt for Real Authentication. The company is famous for its quick assessment turnaround that is usually less than 24hours. Like Legit Check, Real Authentication isn’t just limited to Cartier jewelry. It offers authentication services for many luxury brands and items, including bags and shoes.

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You simply need to place an order to have your Cartier piece verified. There is a form on their website that requires you to add a brief description of the piece.

You will also be required to submit a photo of the front, where the logo is engraved, the ‘Made In’ section, the hallmark, and the serial number, in addition to other helpful photos. Once you’ve placed the order, all you need is to pay for the type of service and wait for their response.

The basic charge for authentication of any item including Cartier jewelry is $30. There are, however, additional costs, for extra services, or what Real Authentication terms as ‘upgrades’. For an extra $10 you can either get, the exact or estimated age of the jewelry piece, its estimated current resale value, Certificate of Authentication, or official identification in terms of size, style, color, and material.

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For an extra $20 you get an assessment turnaround time of 12 hours, but if you want a response in minutes, you can get a turnaround time of one hour for an extra $30.



All of the three companies are ideal in their own right. They each offer extra bonuses on top of the authentication service.

Legit Check is the best option if you are also looking for authentication guidelines.

Bloomsbury Manor is ideal if you’re also looking for a buyer for your Cartier pieces, and Real Authentication is better if you are looking for a quick response of fewer than 24 hours or even an hour.

Simply, pick whichever one that best suits your needs.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!