3 Little Known Astrological Benefits of Wearing Platinum Ring

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Are you looking for benefits of wearing platinum ring astrologically?  Or wearing platinum rings according to astrology?

Have you ever considered getting a ring but wondered what wearing it meant? Some like being purposeful about their jewelry and one of those ways is establishing the significance of a particular type of metal.

In this article, we are going to look at platinum. We will explore astrological purposes for wearing it, and also some other practical reasons why.


3 Benefits of wearing platinum ring astrologically

One of the times where platinum holds astrological significance is in several religions and cultures.

If this is part of your lifestyle, there are some reasons why you should wear platinum. If not, there are symbolisms that you can adopt for yourself too.

1.Symbolizes power and strength

Platinum is known to be a noble metal because it is quite unreactive and is stable in high temperatures.

The other aspect is that it is more expensive than gold because it is rarer and less minted as well. It is also dense and weighs more than gold.

Therefore, when you look at these characteristics, one can conclude that the metal does symbolize power and strength.

It takes a lot to remain unreactive or even stable, with things are hectic. It is also a durable metal that symbolizes strength, and just as with power, the heaviness of the ring can speak to who you are.

Equally, platinum is a precious metal, much like the reality of a strong and powerful person.


2. To attract financial prosperity

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According to Astro-numerologist Dr. PR Sundhar Raja, the astrological number for platinum is 5.

Additionally, the number five represents the planet Mercury that then attracts sharp intelligence and logical thinking.

These are all things we need to be able to make the right and smart moves to succeed.

Also, if you’re a Virgo and a Gemini, you can use the relationship with Mercury, number five, and platinum to symbolize your star sign and what you’re capable of achieving.

What’s more, Mercury, in Roman mythology, was the messenger that was known for his speed and swiftness.

You can also apply these characteristics when making money.


3.A symbol of purity

When you look at platinum, it is 30 times more pure than gold. You also don’t need to turn it into an alloy for you to get the jewelry that you desire.

In life, we often strive to shed off the things that make us less than ideal and embrace those that make us better people.

You can use a platinum ring to remind you always to shed those things that do not serve you and only focus on what matters the most to you and others.

Adopt or create a standard that calls you to a higher level of self.


5 Other reasons to opt for a platinum ring

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Other causes are not related to astrology that might make you want to wear platinum.

1.Retains the same color forever

If you’re thinking of purchasing a ring and closing that chapter possible for life, then the ring to go for is platinum.

It looks new and shiny decades later the same way it looked when you first took it home from the store.

The good thing about platinum is that it is a naturally white metal that doesn’t require maintenance to remain the same color. Other metals do not fair on as well.


2. It is a precious metal

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Platinum rings are one of those things that you can turn into an heirloom and pass it down through the generations.

That’s because it is a precious metal, and even when it is being handed down, it will still be in good condition.

Platinum is also able to maintain its volume over time, yet when scratched. For other metals, when scratched, it loses mass.

Also, what you find with platinum is that it develops a warm patina finish that adds more character to the ring.

It gives it an antique look that some people appreciate because it speaks of the ring’s history.


3. Diamond settings are safe

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The strength and durability that the platinum offers gives it stability for the diamonds.

The prongs that hold the diamonds in place are much stronger than white or yellow gold rings offer.

It is durable because when the prong is hit, it will move with force instead of breaking as other metals would.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry about the diamond getting out of place even when it has been subjected to force multiple times.


4. It is hypoallergenic

Platinum is one of the metals that are available in the market that do not cause allergic reactions to those who wear it.

Platinum is 90-95 percent pure, so you don’t have to worry about other allergenic alloys such as nickel getting added to it as you do with gold.

If you have sensitive skin, then you should opt for a platinum ring. No matter the conditions you wear it under breakouts will not be one of your concerns.

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5. You can feel the quality in your hand

Platinum is heavy metal, and that is something people who gravitate toward appreciate. When you have a ring on, you’re able to feel it when you move about your day.

That makes it all the more ideal for men and those who are doing labor-intensive tasks.

Also, if you’re wearing it for astrological purposes, you want to wear something whose presence is felt.

When you need to feel grounded, you can opt to focus on the right, and it will bring you what you need.


Wrap up

There are varying reasons to want to wear a platinum ring. We hope that the reasons why here give you the direction you need to choose the right metal for you.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!