What Is 18kgp Silver?( Jewelry Manufacturer’s Answer)

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There are numerous varieties of silver and sterling silver jewelry, and if you are shopping for something nice, understanding what the jewelry means is important in making sure that you buy the right kind of silver jewelry.

18kgp Silver

Generally, 18kgp silver refers to 18k gold plated silver jewelry, and if the jewelry is silver in color, then it means that it could be white gold plated with a sterling silver metal for the base metal.


What is the 18kgp?

Although jewelry is rarely ever plated with white gold because the color is a dull as it is, jewelry with an 18kgp stamp often means that the jewelry could be gold plated.

18Kgp isn’t fake but gold plated, which makes it as real as it can be. Often, the 18kgp is a gold-plated piece of jewelry that is made of silver and gold. 18kgp silver often means that the gold-plated jewelry is made through the comprehensive gold plating procedure.

What Is 18kgp Silver

The K value in 18kgp silver determines the gold’s percentage in the plated jewelry, in this case, 18k gold. This super thin layer of gold is 75% pure gold. The layer contains a high-quality layer of gold that is 1/1000 or 3/1000 of an inch. So, if you have 18kgp jewelry, it means that the jewelry contains a gold-plated layer made of gold and sterling silver as the base metal.

18K Gold Plated means that the jewelry is made through electroplating, where an ultrathin layer of gold is added to the silver piece of jewelry. The K in the 18k stamp represents the content of gold in jewelry.

18kgp Silver

This gold layer is 75% pure gold, and the rest of it is made of other metal alloys. 18k gold plated jewelry happens through a process called gold forging, which is not just used in jewelry but also in ornaments. In 18kgp pieces, their physical performance is enhanced and significantly stable, and as long as real gold is used, the pieces don’t fade. At the same time, there is no antioxidation expected from the pieces under normal temperature conditions.

What is the 18kgp?

The base metal- silver

Often, the base metal in 18kgp is sterling silver, but there are also cases where the base metals can be copper, nickel, or zinc.


What is 18kgp silver?

18kgp Silver

This is often seen in the heavily plated jewelry pieces made with sterling silver. They are also called gold vermeils, and they are a lot more valuable than the gold-plated pieces.

And the fact that the pieces have a sterling silver base means that the pieces are a lot more valuable than typical gold-plated pieces.

Also, the silver base metals also mean that there is a huge possibility of even better artwork.

What is the 18kgp?


Is 18kgp Silver jewelry worth anything?

18kgp silver jewelry is a type of silver that has been produced for over 100 years. It is also known as 925 sterling silver or Argentium Sterling Silver.

18kgp silver jewelry is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper, nickel, and zinc. The amount of copper and other metals in the alloy make it more durable than regular sterling silver, which contains only 92.5% pure silver.

This means that 18kgp silver jewelry is extremely hard wearing and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. However, it’s still important to keep your 18kgp pieces clean and free from tarnish so they stay looking their best!


Pros and cons of 18kgp silver


  • Valuable
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Safe on the skin
  • Affordable
  • It looks just like the real thing

18kgp Silver


  • Tarnishes
  • Not as valuable as the real thing
  • It might get chipped or scratched.

What is the 18kgp?


If you just bought jewelry and you notice that it has an 18kgp stamp, we hope that the information shared above helps you make the right decision.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!